Hey there,

Wheeew! We are one quarter down in 2022, where did the time go? At the end of 2021 we were a three person team. We blinked and there are now eight people at MEDDICC Towers.

Team MEDDICC at our Q1 off-site!

I’ve been thinking about Decision Criteria lately and how many sellers consider the Decision Criteria reactively, not pro-actively. Meaning they approach it from a perspective of trying to understand the customers Decision Criteria instead of trying to use thought leadership to influence the customer towards the strengths of their own solution (which the seller should believe is best practice).

The truth is prospects rarely have a well defined Decision Criteria. It is simply not their job to be product category experts. However, prospects don’t like to admit this, therefore the Decision Criteria is typically dictated by events such as:

In any one of these events you as the seller will find yourself on your back foot. Being ‘re-active’ and trying to shoehorn your solution to fit this criteria.

Instead, sellers who are pro-active with the Decision Criteria focus on doing research upfront to enable them to be as relevant and informed in front of the prospect as possible. Leading the conversation with thought leadership and introducing the prospect to use-cases combined with success stories of their existing customer base.

This approach shows the prospect you have done your research and have genuine value to offer. Subsequently they are much more open-minded to you introducing new items to the Decision Criteria that can help to differentiate your proposition. All the while putting your competition on the back foot.

Decision Criteria – it’s the most underrated part of MEDDPICC!

May your Champions be strong throughout all of April! 💪