Introducing Masters of MEDDICC

Conversations with the world's best minds in enterprise sales.

MEDDICC is unparalleled in its place as a methodology that has stood the test of time in technology sales. From its inception as MEDDIC at PTC through to the thousands of enterprise sales organizations that have gone on to embrace it, MEDDPICC as it is often known has remained at the top of the list of methodologies in the world's greatest sales leaders playbooks.

We are honoring those leaders in sales with the creation of the Masters of MEDDICC series. Within the series we will talk to the worlds best enterprise sales leaders and those who have been pivotal in the proliferation of MEDDIC to MEDDICC to MEDDPICC.

We launched the series with a conversation with Keno Helmi who has amassed over 25 years of experience in enterprise sales leadership from PTC and Opsware through to acting as VP Sales and CRO to over 7 leading technology companies.

Following Keno, we had super conversations with leading CRO’s such as Cliff Dorsey of Welcome (formerly known as NewsCred), Travis Patterson CRO at Imply and many more are upcoming.

You can tune into Masters of MEDDICC on your favorite place to listen, all of which should be linked below:

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