FAQs - The MEDDPICC Masterclass

Discover all the answers to the frequently asked questions about our popular MEDDPICC Masterclass!

Q - How long is the Masterclass?

A - The MEDDPICC Masterclass is an online training course covering every element of MEDDPICC. Presented in over 8 hours of coaching from Andy Whyte.

Q - How is it delivered?

A - The MEDDPICC Masterclass is available online and on-demand. You will get access to 60+ lessons comprising of over 5 hours of video lessons, role plays, takeaways, reflection points, etc. 

Q - How do I access the Masterclass after I purchase it?

A - After purchasing the Masterclass, you will receive a welcome email with a link to create your account and access the course.

Q - How long will I have access to my course once I purchase it?

A - You will have 12 months access as part of your purchase. We are passionate about you learning about the topics we teach. We understand that reflecting and revisiting the topics in the future is an important part of the learning process hence why you can still keep your 12 month access even if you finish the course within the first month.

Q - Do I have have to complete every section to be certified?

A - Yes. Becoming MEDDPICC certified by MEDDICC is something we want people to feel proud of. That means no shortcuts!

Q - Can I download the videos?

A - No. You won't be able to download the videos but each section of the Masterclass has a Summary PDF that you can save!

Q - Do I get certified?

A - While MEDDIC (and other variants) are trademarked, no ‘official’ MEDDIC/MEDDICC/MEDDPICC certification exists. The best way to think of it as an open-source sales framework. We typically find people are looking to the certification in order to give credit to the level of MEDDIC they have learned.

Our program is the most in-depth, widely adopted, and highest-rated program. So, if your interest in the certification is to be recognized as having completed the most thorough program, we can help!

When you finish the course, we will also give you a certificate of completion that you can add to your LinkedIn profile and CV!

Q - How do I add my certificate to LinkedIn?

A - To find out all the steps to add your certificate on LinkedIn, click here.

Q - Is the Masterclass for sales professionals only?

A - The MEDDPICC Masterclass benefits the entire Go-to-Market team. It's not just for sales; it's for marketing, customer success and product teams too. Marketing can learn what messaging resonates with prospects, Sales and CS can streamline handovers, and CS and Product can enhance product feedback. MEDDPICC creates a common language that connects all departments. So, if you're not in sales, don't worry - this Masterclass is tailored to benefit you too.

Q- Where can I see the Masterclass reviews?

A -  You can consult all our reviews right here.

Do you have further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our Support team!