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How to attach a metric (M1) to an opportunity?

This help file will show you the different ways you can attach a M1 to your opportunities within the mOS.

From the Metrics Database (mDB):

You can easily link your metrics to opportunities in just a few clicks. This help file will walk you through all the steps.

  1. Simply hover on the metric you want to link to an opportunity, select the ellipsis at the top right corner and choose Add to Opportunity.Opportunity1
  2. Choose the opportunity you want to assign the metric to from the dropdown list provided.Opportunity2
  3. Once this is done, click on +Add to Opportunity.Opportunity3
  4. And that's it! When the metric has been assigned properly, a green banner will appear at the top of your screen.

From the Opportunities screen:

  1. Go to the Opportunities screen on the left-hand side panel.
  2. Find the opportunity in question.
  3. Click on it to edit it.
  4. On the screen, go to the M1 Metrics section and select +Attach a metric
  5. A drop-down list will appear with all the M1s from the mDB, allowing you to choose which M1 you wish to attach to this opportunity.
  6. Once this is done, simply hit Attach this Metric.

And that's it, your M1 will then show attached to this opportunity and will be displayed on the left-hand side.