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How to search/filter for a metric?

With all your metrics added to the mDB, it's very useful to use the search and filter options to easily access the ones you're looking for. This help file will walk you through all the steps to find your metrics at the snap of your fingers.

Search for a metric

Once you are on the mDB screen, simply use the Search bar at the very top of the screen.


Start typing the Company name to display all metrics based on that organization directly on-screen.


If you want to be more specific, you can use the filters available.

Filter metrics

Once you are on the mDB screen, simply use the Filter icon on the right-hand side of the screen.


At the very top of the dropdown, you will see the two main filters allowing you to see all Archived Metrics and all metrics Linked to Opportunities at a glance.

Archive4If you want to filter for a specific company though, click on Company and select the relevant company in the list provided. Once this is done, click Apply.


And that's it, you will then see a list of all metrics based on this company directly on the screen.

💡 Remember that you can select as many filters as you want on the mDB screen. Simply select the filters of your choice and click Apply.

Your results will then display on screen with a quick summary of all the options ticked at the top.