Masters of MEDDICC – Episode 5: John McMahon



The GOAT - Greatest Sales Leader of All Time - 5x CRO

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In this podcast, we are in conversation with John McMahon, the most outstanding sales leader of our time. Both as the CRO of 5x public companies (PTC, GeoTel, Ariba, BladeLogic, BMC) and as an executive board advisor to some of the most significant companies of the last decade, such as AppDynamics, Glassdoor, HubSpot, Fuze, Sumo Logic, Sprinklr, Cybereason, Thoughtspot, MongoDB, Lacework, and Snowflake.

The podcast starts with John talking about what made him think about writing the book and how the inspiration came in from people constantly telling him to do so. He discusses how companies had great ideas and unique products but couldn’t get any more significant because of the wrong marketing. This led him to bottle his thoughts and then eventually to write a book.

He did not want to write a boring sales textbook but rather something more conversational which would help people and companies transform.
He moves on and talks about the creativity and visualisation behind the book and how it wasn’t just words on paper but things coming alive and being able to resonate with people.

They then discuss the different analogies of sales and how diversified sales representatives are in real life. He then speaks from a recruiters perspective and lists qualities and skills that he looks for while hiring. They also talk about adaptability and

how you have to have a motivating factor in building skills. John mentions how it comes to people differently and mostly with competitive motives.

John then talks about the most fascinating salesperson he had ever met and his working style. He talks about how he had the drive to go after the first place and always had the curiosity to learn more.

Andy and John then describe how people can be great salespersons but terrible sales leaders and how Andy would never want to go back to being a C-Level Executive. He mentions his experiences with working with top-tier companies and dealing with new people and the things that he considered hassles at the same time.

He then mentions the regime he had when picking out the companies to work for and his 3 “W’s.”

Lastly, he talks about the idea of targeting and how young companies should focus on it. He also discusses the idea of qualification in detail. He jokingly mentions how his middle name should be qualification since they have dealt with things on all scales.

Time Stamps:

[01:20] Introduction to John McMahon [02:38] Idea behind the book
[07:00] Creativity and Visualisation [13:15] Scouting Salespersons
[21:20] Experiences with people
[29:58] Sales Representatives vs Sales Leaders [33:30] The C-Level Game
[44:18] “Qualified”