MEDDICC – The Book

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What do incredibly successful companies like PTC, BMC, AppDynamics, Fuze, MongoDB and Sprinklr all have in common? They have all relied upon MEDDICC to make their sales process predictable and efficient.

Historically, learning MEDDICC has relied upon hands-on training, but now you can learn MEDDICC from an expert who uses it every day.

MEDDICC – The Book deconstructs MEDDICC into easy to understand and implement steps. Breaking down every letter of the acronym into actionable insights complemented by commentary on how MEDDICC can help sales organizations to revolutionize their sales execution and efficiency.

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MEDDICC is an acronym that represents a sales framework frequently used within Enterprise Sales teams. The MEDDICC acronym breaks down as follows:

meddic and meddpicc are variations of meddicc

M is for Metrics: The Metrics are the quantifiable measures of value that your solution can provide.

E is for Economic Buyer: The Economic Buyer is the person, people, or group that has the overall authority in the buying decision.

D is for Decision Criteria: The Decision Criteria are the various different criteria in which a decision to process with your solution will be judged.

D is for Decision Process: The Decision Process is the series of steps that form a process of which the buyer will follow to go from making an evaluation to making a decision.

P is for Paper Process: The Paper Process is the series of steps that follow the decision process in how you will go from Decision to signed contract.

I is for Implicate the Pain: Implicating the Pain means you have both Identified, Indicated and Implicated the Pain your solution solves upon your customer.

C is for Champion: The Champion is a person who has power, influence and subsequently credibility within the customer’s organization.

C is for Competition: The Competition is any person, vendor or initiative that is competing for the same funds or resources that you are.

R is for Risks: The Risks are the specific Risks that you have identified within your deal that will either remain and need to be monitored or overcome.

Ten Signs that you need MEDDICC:

  1. Your buyer doesn’t see the value of your solution? (aka they think you are expensive)
  2. You are unable to find, articulate and quantify Pain
  3. You don’t have a Champion or at the very least a Coach helping you navigate and sell
  4. You find yourself unable to gain access to people with power and influence
  5. You don’t know how the customer makes decisions
  6. You don’t know who is involved in the decision-making process
  7. You find yourself surprised by things that come up in the sales process
  8. The decision criteria seem to move throughout the process and you’re constantly playing catch up
  9. Your Competition is landing strikes against you that you neither see coming nor are able to defend
  10. You lose track of where you stand in your deals

Unlike most qualification frameworks such like BANT, MEDDICC works throughout your deal cycle from start to finish. In fact, running a well advanced enterprise deal through one of the MEDDIC frameworks will act like an MRI Scan for your deal. Uncovering any hidden troubles and opportunities for improvement.

meddic can act like a mri scan for your enterprise deal. helping you to qualify
MEDDICC can act like an MRI scan on your deal


The most current iterations of MEDDICC include two D’s and two C’s. MEDDPICC is also equally utilized where the P stands for Paper Process. Most modern sales organizations will use either MEDDICC or MEDDPICC. The original acronym, as created by Jack Napoli and Dick Dunkel inside of PTC, was MEDDIC. The C stood for Champion and therefore didn’t include the Competition element of MEDDICC.

The majority of organizations today select either MEDDICC or MEDDPICC and choosing which is right for your organization comes down to how complicated the Paper Process of the organizations you are dealing with is. If there is any complexity to the Paper Process, then I would highly recommend using MEDDPICC.

Likewise, if you are looking for a higher-level implementation of MEDDICC, or you rarely find Competition in your deals, then MEDDIC maybe right for you.

This page explains whether you should refer to the framework as MEDDIC or another variant.

MEDDICC is a Sales Qualification Framework

The one most significant improvement most enterprise sellers could make to their performance is to qualify out of more deals, sooner. Sellers chase poorly qualified, or even worse, deals that are qualified as bad, but they pursue anyway.


MEDDICC arms sellers with a framework to quickly and efficiently qualify their opportunities and whether they should pursue the opportunities or not.

MEDDICC – The Book‘ covers the MEDDICC and other variations (MEDDIC, MEDDPICC) in detail arming you with not only the theory but practical applications of how it can be applied.

For a quick introduction into MEDDIC, or more specifically MEDDPICC here is a 10-minute introduction video: