There are multiple variants of the acronym of MEDDIC, such as adding in an additional D and C as well as a P and an R.

What is the correct acronym for MEDDICC? is it MEDDICC, MEDDPICC? or the older MEDDIC?

Whichever you implement or follow will be a choice you have to make. For the purpose of clarity, the book will solely refer to the methodology as ‘MEDDICC’, but will cover every letter of MEDDPICCR in full.

They letters are articulated as follows:

M is for Metrics: The Metrics are the quantifiable measures of value that your solution can provide.

E is for Economic Buyer: The Economic Buyer is the person, people, or group that has the overall authority in the buying decision.

D is for Decision Criteria: The Decision Criteria are the various different criteria in which a decision to process with your solution will be judged.

D is for Decision Process: The Decision Process is the series of steps that form a process of which the buyer will follow to go from making an evaluation to making a decision.

P is for Paper Process: The Paper Process is the series of steps that follow the decision process in how you will go from Decision to signed contract.

I is for Implicate the Pain: Implicating the Pain means you have both Identified, Indicated and Implicated the Pain your solution solves upon your customer.

C is for Champion: The Champion is a person who has power, influence and subsequently credibility within the customer’s organization.

C is for Competition: The Competition is any person, vendor or initiative that is competing for the same funds or resources that you are.

R is for Risks: The Risks are the specific Risks that you have identified within your deal that will either remain and need to be monitored or overcome.

The contents on this website and within ‘MEDDICC Sales – The Book‘ represent my interpretation of the MEDDIC Framework. There is likely to be some parts that are contradictory to how other people articulate MEDDIC.

Unique examples such as the Coach > Champion and i3 (Identify, Indicate, Implicate) transitions are examples of this.