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MEDDICC, the book, is the number 1 best selling book on MEDDICC, and the only book written on the subject of MEDDIC endorsed by those who created it Dick Dunkel and Jack Napoli who write commentary throughout.

Described by a 10 year veteran of using MEDDIC as:

“The best MEDDIC explanation I have ever read”.

Within the 264 pages, there is comprehensive detail on all of the elements of MEDDPICC. Including whole chapters on:

  • Forewords by Dick Dunkel and Jack Napoli
  • Qualification
  • What Defines Elite
  • Discovery
  • Don’t Knock the Competition
  • Price Conditioning
  • Metrics
  • Economic Buyer
  • Decision Criteria
  • Decision Process
  • Paper Process
  • Implicate the Pain
  • Champion
  • Competition
  • Lessons Learned While Implementing MEDDICC
  • MEDDICC Checklist
  • MEDDICC Scoring




MEDDICC – The Methodology used by the world’s most successful sales organizations.

What do the world’s most successful enterprise sales teams have in common? They rely on MEDDICC to make their sales process predictable and efficient.
MEDDIC with one C was initially created by Dick Dunkel in 1996 when he was at PTC. Since then MEDDIC has evolved to be better known as MEDDICC or MEDDPICC and has proliferated across the world being the go-to choice for elite enterprise sales organizations.

If you ever find yourself feeling any of the following symptoms with your deal, you could benefit from MEDDICC:

  • Your buyer doesn’t see the value of your solution? (aka they think you are expensive)
  • You are unable to find, articulate and quantify Pain
  • You don’t have a Champion or at the very least a Coach helping you navigate and sell
  • You find yourself unable to gain access to people with power and influence
  • You don’t know how the customer makes decisions
  • You don’t know who is involved in the decision-making process
  • You find yourself surprised by things that come up in the sales process
  • The decision criteria seem to move throughout the process, and you’re constantly playing catch up
  • Your Competition is landing strikes against you that you neither see coming nor are able to defend
  • You lose track of where you stand in your deals

Whether you are an individual contributor or a sales leader embracing MEDDICC will help you to beat those symptoms and take back control of your deal.

Historically, learning MEDDICC has relied upon hands-on training, but now you can learn MEDDICC from an expert who uses it every day.

The Book deconstructs MEDDICC into easy to understand and implement steps. Breaking down every letter of the acronym into actionable insights complemented by commentary on how MEDDICC can help sales organizations to revolutionize their sales execution and efficiency.

In the words of the original creator of MEDDIC, Dick Dunkel:
Whether you are an individual contributor or sales leader, my advice is that you should start to implement MEDDICCinto what you do straight away. Embrace MEDDICC, and you and your team will more clearly understand the WHY to your process, and you’ll begin to execute your customer interactions with more purpose and achieve better results. And like so many others before, you will begin to reap the rewards of having a well-qualified pipeline of opportunities with clearer paths to success. – Dick Dunkel, MEDDIC Creator.

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