You’ve heard of “The Great Resignation”, but have you heard of “The Great Promotion”? No, we hear you cry! Well you’re in luck.. because we’re about to serve up the goods on SDR/BDR promotions and what could be in it for you. Keep reading for the good bit

We know that SDRs are the future AE’s of tomorrow, our LARGE network of companies have shared that promoting SDRs have led them to become their top performers. One company MEDDICC works with stated that the average performance of a promoted SDR in their first year is 112% whereas in comparison to an external AE… their performance was around the 90% mark. Now, if you’re not good with your maths, don’t worry we gotchu – that’s a 22% difference and one can only imagine how much impact on revenue that 22% actually has, not to mention the efficiency, productivity and morale within the office!

Not sure how to identify your top SDRs and their potential for promotion? Follow Andy’s 6 C’s below, a strategy that he used when hiring as a sales leader.







Andy believes that as a sales leader, you can strongly identify 5 of those 6 qualities in an SDR.

The first 4 are behavior-related: Curiosity, Coachability, Culture, and Craving. If an SDR is naturally strong in those traits, then they’re going to carry that with them into an AE role.

Cleverness is a strength. It represents their IQ and EQ. So, that just leaves Craft. The craft of selling. This can only be achieved by constant learning and experience within the role.

So if you’re still reading this, let us introduce you to our new initiative “The Great Promotion”. We are going to be giving away TEN scholarships to the MEDDPICC Masterclass and FIFTY MEDDICC books in a prize draw, open to any SDR or BDR, globally. Why you ask? Well, here at MEDDICC Towers we’re passionate about supporting people to realise their full potential.

To enter the prize draw you simply have to be in an active SDR/BDR role and comment here with the words “I’m In”. OR if you’re reading this and you work with a high potential SDR/BDR then tag them here and we will count their entry.

If you want to double your chances of winning then share the post and we will count all shares as an additional entry!

The competition will close on Friday 21st January, 1pm GMT! For terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck!

May your Champions be Strong 💪