5. mOS Settings

The mOS Settings tab provides a clear and concise way to access settings for the mOS Salesforce integration. Here, you can configure the following:

  • mOS Admin Email: This is the email address that will receive all notifications from the mOS integration.
  • Basic Settings: These settings control how the mOS integration works, such as the frequency of syncs and whether or not to sync opportunities that are closed.
  • Opportunity Filters: These filters restrict which opportunities are synced to mOS.
  • Sync All Data to mOS: This button syncs all data from Salesforce to mOS.
  • Sync Status: This section shows the status of the most recent sync.

Note: Only users with the mOS Admin permission can view the MOS Settings tab.

Access mOS Settings

  1. Go to App Launcher in Salesforce

  2. Type mOS Settings in the top search bar

  3. The mOS Settings tab will now be opened for users to make the changes.

mOS Basic Settings

  • mOS Admin Email Notification -> Provide the user email (comma separated values, if there is more than one user.) E.g.: (troubleshootemail@yourcompany.com,error@yourcompany.com)
  • Disable mOS Sync -> Enabling this setting, will stop the synchronization of data between Salesforce and the mOS application.
  • Run In Sandbox -> Enabling this setting, will allow the synchronization of data between the Salesforce sandbox instance and the mOS application.
  • Opportunity Filter -> Opportunities that match these criteria will only get synchronized to the mOS application. If there is no criteria, all records will get synchronized (maximum of 10 conditions can be added).

After any changes have been made you can click Save on the top right to save the changes to the mOS Settings.

Mos sync setting

mOS Synchronize button

After integrating Salesforce and mOS, you can use the mOS synchronize button to sync data from Salesforce to mOS. To do this, click the "Sync all data to mOS" button on the top right.

Note: No data is deleted from the mOS side, so this is best done when your mOS account is a blank slate.


Which Salesforce objects and data will get synchronized?

Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts, Contact Roles, and Users are synchronized with the mOS application based on the following criteria:

  • The opportunity owner in Salesforce has mOS permissions.
  • The opportunities match the filters you have selected.

mOS Synchronization Status

We have two outputs for you to see the status of the synchronization between Salesforce and mOS, you will be able to see any errors or problems that occurred here for the initial synchronization. 

  • Salesforce Job Status: Allows you to see the status of synchronization on the Salesforce side before the data has been sent to mOS .
  • mOS Job Status: Allows you to see the status of the  synchronization on the mOS side. 

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