Salesforce Troubleshooting FAQs

Will the Account or Contact be created in mOS, if there is NO opportunity?

No. Opportunities are mandatory for the Accounts or Contacts to be created in mOS.

If your user is NOT an Opportunity owner on Salesforce they will not be synced to mOS even if you have set the mOS user permission.

To give these users access to the mOS, you can invite them through your My Organization page and select their permission level (typically you should select Admin).

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Why am I not seeing my contacts from Salesforce in mOS?

The most common error is that the contact email address does not exist or already exists in mOS. We are changing how mOS works so that contacts can be synced without an email address, but for now, your contacts must have an email address and this email address cannot already exist in mOS.

I deleted an opportunity on the mOS, why does it keep reappearing?

โœ‹ Before we start: please note that the ability to delete an opportunity in the mOS requires an Admin role.

With the Salesforce integration enabled, you can remove opportunities from the mOS, ensuring your data remains both clean and accurate.

It is very important to know that a deleted opportunity may resync with mOS if it is still active in Salesforce. This implies that opportunities no longer present in Salesforce will disappear entirely from mOS and will not reappear.

When does synchronization take place between Salesforce and mOS? 

Salesforce and mOS are synchronized in near real time, typically within seconds to minutes. However, synchronization speed may vary depending on Salesforce platform availability. If any fields in the mapping table are updated, synchronization will occur immediately.

Which objects are synchronized to mOS from Salesforce?

The following objects are synchronized by default to the mOS platform from Salesforce:

  • Account
  • Contact
  • Opportunity
  • User

You can synchronize more data if you want to using field mapping/custom metadata.

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Where are my contacts that have been synced from Salesforce to mOS?

When an opportunity is synced from Salesforce to mOS, the contacts associated with that opportunity are linked to the company (Called โ€œAccountโ€ in Salesforce) in mOS by default, not the opportunity. To create a more detailed record of the contact's relationship with the opportunity, you can link the contact within the stakeholder map  or MEDDPICC element within the opportunity in mOS.


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