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The Paper Process is the series of steps that follow the Decision Process in how you will go from Decision to signature.


The Paper Process are the steps or actions that lie in place ahead of contracts being agreed and signed.

Generally, most of the Paper Process begins once the seller has been given a clear indication that they have been selected.

There is cross-over between the Paper Process and Decision Process, and most commonly when organization’s use MEDDICC they include the Paper Process within the Decision Process instead of calling it out as a separate letter like you do in MEDDPICC.

Having a Champion and access to the Economic Buyer is critically important to the seller if they want to run an efficient and predictable Paper Process.

The Paper Process usually breaks down into three key elements:

  1. The Process
  2. The People
  3. The Timing
Within MEDDICC - The Book we go into detail on each of these elements, complete with tips, tricks and hacks to get on top of them and stay on top.

Paper Process and your Sales Process

Summary Snapshot of the Paper Process in the sales process:

Summary of Paper Process

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the Paper Process is only something that happens late in your deals. The sooner you can get on top of the Paper Process the sooner you can optimize towards it. This will save you precious time late in your deal and keep you on your front foot.

A thoroughly executed Paper Process leads to fewer surprises and vastly improved forecast accuracy.

This page is a super-condensed and re-written adaptation of the full insight given into the Paper Process and how to work with it in your MEDDPICC / MEDDICC / MEDDIC Framework that is detailed within MEDDICC – The Book.

‘MEDDICC – The Book’ Sneak Peak!

The Paper Process is covered in ‘MEDDICC – The Book’ in great detail. There are sections on: