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MEDDICC 05 October 2022

The Deal Sheet Download


If you've read MEDDICC, The Book - you'll know we referenced 'The Deal Sheet', a document that we've put together to enable you to capture and obtain relevant information from research into the state of your customer organization. 

This document acts as a place where you can consolidate all of your notes in preparation for your first call.

The first call isn't always a call, it can be a meeting, but oftentimes first meetings have multiple stakeholders within them and/or an expectation that you will present something in the meeting.

So, therefore, it's good practice to set up the first call ahead of the first meeting to do discovery
and validate your research.

The Deal Sheet in detail 
Your organization may have somewhere specific they'd like you to collate information in regards to the organization but if you'd like to use the deal sheet - just click here and make sure you create a copy rather than requesting access. 

The Brief - To begin, I find it helps to summarize your engagement so far with the organization and how the opportunity to engage with them came about. For people on your team joining the first call, this will give them a useful context.

Tech Snapshot - If you are selling a technical solution, I find it helpful to capture information about their tech landscape. Not just what technology they use, but if applicable, what kind of metrics can you see? Publicly available information such as how many web hits they get can be useful at this stage.

Participants - List who is attending the call from both sides and what you think each person's role will be.

The Questions - Within your document, you can plan which questions you want to ask. These should be personalized questions rather than generic questions, meaning you start with a blank section for each Deal Sheet.

Anticipated Objections - There are likely some objections that you anticipate going into the call. Highlighting these in the Deal Sheet will help you to effectively handle them if and when they arise.

The Deal Sheet can become a part of the sales process itself; if an SDR has created the opportunity, they can use it as a handover/briefing document for the Seller.

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