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Learn the methodology behind the world’s most successful enterprise sales organizations.

The book deconstructs MEDDICC into easy to understand and implement steps. Breaking down every letter of the acronym into actionable insights.


“This is the best MEDDIC explanation I have ever read”

Ulrich Weigel, Regional Director at MongoDB

The ultimate guide to staying one step ahead in the complex sale

The Book deconstructs MEDDICC into easy-to-understand and implementable steps. Breaking down every letter of the acronym into actionable insights complemented by commentary on how MEDDICC can help sales organizations to revolutionize their sales execution and efficiency.

Implementable steps
Breakdown acronym
Breakdown acronym
Actionable insights
Actionable insights
Revolutionize sales
Revolutionize sales
Increase Efficiency
Increase Efficiency

In the words of the original creator of MEDDIcC, Dick Dunkel:

Whether you are an individual contributor or sales leader, my advice is that you should start to implement MEDDICC into what you do straight away. Embrace MEDDICC, and you and your team will more clearly understand the WHY to your process, and you’ll begin to execute your customer interactions with more purpose and achieve better results. And like so many others before, you will begin to reap the rewards of having a well-qualified pipeline of opportunities with clearer paths to success. 

 Dick Dunkel, MEDDIC Creator.








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For me personally, it was a fantastic refresher and has prompted me to re-evaluate how I’ve used some elements of the process in previous roles and how I’ll role it out across my current teams.

I highly recommend this book to any Sales Leader who is looking to drive greater predictability in their Sales pipeline.

William Davidson

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This is an excellent book covering one of the most (if not the most) useful sales qualification frameworks out there. Andy can trace his knowledge of MEDDICC back to the originators, and he has perfected his craft in numerous sales leadership roles. He is a practitioner rather than a theoretician, and you can tell by the companions (a deal sheet and the go-live plan) that he has put together to help sales reps navigate the most complex enterprise sales scenarios. Thank you, Andy, and keep up the great work!

Luis Vasallo

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The book was fantastic, with lots of great examples throughout. I’ve already begun implementing different aspects with great success.

It’s a book I’ll revisit many times in the future and would happily recommend with confidence to anyone who is in a sales, sales-management, or SDR role.


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Highly recommended - I found this book simple to follow, engaging and practical. The author brings years of knowledge and an obvious passion to this book. The inclusion of real life examples and useful insights alongside the theory behind MEDDIC makes for practical, tangible advice.

Whether you're an experienced sales professional or just starting out in your sales journey, this book will help you sell better!

Emma Jones

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I've been seeking more knowledge about MEDDICC recently and after reading a couple of books on the subject found this to be the most complete version by far. Andy does a great job describing the basics and also sharing practical tips and examples throughout. This is a terrific resource for both ICs and leaders. I've already shared many of the concepts in this book with my current company + sales team, all of which has been received well. Thanks Andy for writing this book and providing resources such as the Go-Live Plan and Closing Checklist. You're helping reps and those in the sales profession up their game!

Kasey Frahm

Star Star Star Star Star

MEDDIC, MEDDICC, MEDDPICC, Andy Whyte couvre toute les questions qui tournent autour de la méthodologie avec des examples concrets, des histoires et du vécu. Une approche simple et facile à lire et assimiler pour toujours dé-qualifier! (qualify out)
Si vous souhaitez comprendre les origines et meilleures pratiques pour implémenter cette 'méthode' qui est le succès de nombreuses sociétés et startups à succès, alors n'hésitez pas, c'est le livre qu'il vous faut.

Caroline Franczia

Star Star Star Star Star

With that said, I've been lucky to find a couple of good sales books. This is one of them. It does a great job showing you how under-performing reps behave and how elite sellers behave. The book has minimal "fluff" in it and a lot of the insights in it are highly applicable, right away. I highly recommend this book if a lot of your deals are slipping through the cracks and you don't understand why.

Laz Garcia