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Understanding a Sales Champion: Unraveling their Crucial Role and Impact
Cameron 4 min
Cameron 24 March 2023

Understanding a Sales Champion: Unraveling their Crucial Role and Impact


The MEDDIC framework has become a go-to option for B2B organizations, GTM teams, and technical salespeople who work towards complex and high-value deals. It has not only allowed for a higher level of qualification but given GTM organizations and teams an analytical approach to business, as well as created a common language for a global marketplace. 

One of the most important elements of MEDDIC is also everyone’s favorite: the Champion.

The sales Champion is someone who drives the deal inside client organizations, keeping the deal progressing and giving invaluable insight as the deal progresses. 

We are going to look at how crucial the sales champion is in the MEDDIC framework, as well as take an introspective look at their traits and how they boost your sales success. 

What is a Champion in the MEDDIC Framework?

Defining the Sales Champion

A Sales Champion is an internal advocate within the customer's organization who energetically supports and enables your solution. 

They hold a notable amount of influence in the decision-making process and can help steer the inner workings of their organization. Sales Champions can provide practical insights, facilitate meetings with key stakeholders, and ultimately push for your solution to be chosen.

A Champion plays a crucial role in a complex sales process, and identifying, understanding, and aligning with them can be a huge obstacle in itself. 

Before you can identify and get the Champion on your side, you need to have a clear understanding of what role the Champion plays during the deal.

Sales Champion in MEDDIC*The 'S' stands for Sales Success!

The Role of the Sales Champion in MEDDIC

The MEDDIC framework is an acronym for Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Criteria, Decision Process, Identify Pain, and Champion. In this context, the Sales Champion plays a vital role in

  1. Providing insights into the customer's organization, pain points, and decision-making process.

  2. Supporting and advocating for your solution, building trust and credibility within the customer's organization when you are not present.

  3. Assisting in overcoming internal challenges and objections to help close the deal, being an advocate for your solution, and having a vested interest in it succeeding.

Can you see why the Champion is everyone’s favorite MEDDIC element now? It is the ultimate game changer in a sales process - acquiring a Champion in your deal can boost your potential for success tenfold, giving you the chance of elevating your potential revenue by a huge margin.

Champions have a specific makeup, a set of skills and abilities that make them so important to your sales cycle. Knowing what they are, inside and out, can not only help you identify a true Champion but enable them to reach their full potential in your deal.

Identifying the Sales Champion: Traits and Skills

Key Traits of a Sales Champion

Sales Champions often possess specific traits that make them successful in advocating for your solution:

  1. Influence: Champions have the respect and trust of their colleagues, making their opinions and recommendations valuable.

  2. Enthusiasm: Champions genuinely believe in the benefits of your solution and are passionate about its implementation.

  3. Persistence: Champions are driven to push your solution through the organization, overcoming internal obstacles and pushing the needle.

  4. Networking: Champions have established relationships with key stakeholders and decision-makers in their organization, helping you create pivotal meetings with them.

Once you spot these traits and have found your Champion, you should look at how you can bring them on board. 

Acquiring the Skills of a Sales Champion

Some skills that can help you identify and engage a Sales Champion include:

  1. Active listening: Understanding the needs and concerns of the customer.

  2. Empathy: Connect with the Sales Champion on a personal level and understand their motivations.

  3. Persuasion: Present a compelling case for your solution, addressing the organization's pain points and how your solution ails them.

  4. Adaptability: Adjust your approach based on the unique dynamics and challenges within the customer's organization.

How to Engage and Leverage Sales Champions for Success

Building a Relationship with the Sales Champion

Engaging and leveraging a Sales Champion requires developing a strong relationship built on trust and mutual benefit. Here are some steps to achieve this:

  1. Identify potential Champions early in the sales process by observing who demonstrates enthusiasm, influence, and genuine interest in your solution.

  2. Invest time in getting to know the Sales Champion, understanding their goals, and aligning your solution with their objectives.

  3. Provide the Sales Champion with the necessary resources, such as case studies, product demonstrations, and expert support, to help them advocate for your solution within their organization.

  4. Maintain regular communication and offer assistance as needed to ensure the Sales Champion feels supported throughout the sales process.

Empowering the Sales Champion

To maximize the impact of the Sales Champion, it's essential to empower them with the tools and information they need to successfully advocate for your solution. Consider these strategies:

  1. Train the Sales Champion on your solution's key features and benefits, ensuring they can effectively communicate its value to other stakeholders.

  2. Collaborate on a tailored implementation plan that addresses the specific needs and challenges of their organization.

  3. Provide the Sales Champion with access to subject matter experts within your company who can address any technical concerns or questions that may arise during the decision-making process.

  4. Recognize and celebrate the Sales Champion's efforts and successes, fostering a sense of pride and ownership in the project.

By understanding the importance of Sales Champions in the MEDDIC framework and implementing the strategies discussed in this blog post, you can effectively identify, engage, and leverage these key advocates to drive sales success in your organization.

Want to learn more about how you can bring Champions into your sales process? Get in touch with us here and enable yourself, your team, and your entire GTM organization with the MEDDICC mindset.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Sales Champions in the MEDDIC Framework

Why is the Sales Champion essential in the MEDDIC framework?

The Sales Champion plays a critical role in driving sales success within the MEDDIC framework. They act as an internal advocate, helping to navigate the customer's organization, provide valuable insights, overcome objections, and ultimately push for your solution to be adopted.

How do you identify a Sales Champion?

A Sales Champion can be identified by their drive and enthusiasm for your solution, influence within their organization, willingness to push your solution through internal obstacles, and established relationships with key stakeholders and decision-makers.

What steps can you take to engage and leverage a Sales Champion effectively?

To engage and leverage a Sales Champion effectively, it's important to build a strong relationship based on trust and vested interests. Invest time in getting to know the Sales Champion, align your solution with their objectives, provide necessary resources, maintain regular contact, and enable them with the tools and information they need to successfully advocate your product.

How can a Sales Champion help overcome objections within the customer's organization?

A Sales Champion can help overcome objections by leveraging their influence and credibility within the organization, advocating for the benefits of your solution, and addressing concerns from key stakeholders. They can also provide valuable insights into the organization's decision-making process and help tailor your approach to overcome specific internal challenges and objections.

How can you support a Sales Champion throughout the sales process?

Supporting a Sales Champion throughout the sales process involves maintaining regular communication, offering assistance as needed, providing access to subject matter experts within your company, and ensuring they have the necessary resources and information to effectively advocate for your solution.



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