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Introducing Metrics Database:

Your new home for Metrics

Cut straight to success with our new tool mDB (Metrics Database), integrated into our purpose-built MEDDPICC platform mOS. 

Metrics don't have to be a maze

For too long, customers have been burdened with the cumbersome task of constructing their own Metrics databases from the ground up. Without a dedicated system, aligning the entire team around a unified value proposition has been a persistent challenge.

This lack of cohesion makes it difficult for teams to collaboratively work on and evolve M1s into successful M3s. The solution? mDB. 

Simplifying the alignment of value proposition

Purpose-built and user-centric, mDB is not just a repository; it's a streamlined database designed for simplicity and clarity. It empowers teams to access and utilize an organized view of all active Metrics, meticulously aligned to specific opportunities, targeted personas and industries.

A tool for every team member

mDB is designed for all the diverse roles within Go-to-Market teams, here’s some examples of how your team can benefit:

- SDRs who require a reliable source of M1s for effective prospecting
- Product teams in search of fresh use cases
- Marketing professionals aiming to use up-to-date M1s in messaging and campaigns
- Enablement teams tasked with improving underperforming M1s

By integrating mDB, all team members can contribute to a more informed, efficient and successful customer lifecycle.

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