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Our winning culture and C8 framework

If you want to learn more about the standards we hold ourselves to here at MEDDICC or you're looking to join our high-performing team - you've come to the right place! 


Join a team committed to high standards and excellence



What makes MEDDICC Different?

At MEDDICC, we don't rely on gimmicks like pizza parties or pingpong tables to create a winning culture. Instead, we hold ourselves to high standards, and we recognize that success comes from a commitment to excellence in everything we do. That's why we've developed the C8 framework, which lays out the core values that guide our work and our interactions with each other and our customers. 


What are the C8s?

The C8 framework is based on eight fundamental principles: Craft, Craving, Curiosity, Creativity, Clockspeed, Coachability, Communication and Culture. These values are ingrained in everything we do, from our day-to-day work to our performance reviews, shout-outs, new projects, and promotions. By following the C8s, we ensure that we're always delivering the highest quality work and fostering a culture of excellence.


Why join MEDDICC?

If you're looking for a workplace that values hard work, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence, MEDDICC is the place for you. Our team is made up of passionate professionals who are dedicated to delivering the best results for our customers while also supporting each other's growth and development. By joining MEDDICC, you'll be part of a culture that recognizes and rewards hard work, and you'll have the opportunity to work on exciting projects with a talented and supportive team.


Our C8s


Craft is more than a job; it's a passionate pursuit. These individuals take ownership, inspire others, and utilize many resources for personal growth, becoming integral to our winning team.


Craving drives individuals to win and reach their full potential. They continuously elevate their performance, inspiring growth in others. These winners actively seek opportunities for personal and professional development.


Curiosity fuels continuous learning and exploration. Individuals with this trait have a genuine thirst for knowledge, seeking new approaches to delight customers. They embrace fresh perspectives and challenge their beliefs. A curious team generates valuable information and drives innovation alongside creativity.


This sparks original ideas and innovative problem-solving. It goes beyond artistic abilities, encompassing a mindset of ingenuity and thinking outside the box. Creative individuals connect unrelated concepts, explore multiple angles, and uncover novel solutions. They actively collaborate to activate everyone's creativity.


It provides a competitive edge by quickly evaluating situations, anticipating obstacles, and proposing solutions. It goes beyond traditional intelligence measures, focusing on efficient information processing and analysis. Those with Clock Speed have a thirst for learning, intuitive perception, and the ability to read people effortlessly.


The capacity to embrace feedback, learn from others, and adapt for personal and team growth. Those with this trait are open to alternative viewpoints, admit mistakes, and value continuous learning. They actively listen, seek feedback, and reflect on their performance. They continuously elevate their skills.


Communication is crucial at MEDDICC, as we are a fully remote company. Those with this trait express thoughts clearly and respectfully, avoiding ambiguity and unnecessary details. They actively listen, consider others' perspectives, and show empathy. Good communicators also view feedback as a gift, and are willing to both give timely feedback as well as be open to receiving it.


Positive Culture Catalysts at MEDDICC impact their team, customers, and audience by excelling at all 8Cs. Their energy and optimism inspire others, fostering unity and teamwork. They support colleagues and serve as sources of inspiration. We value motivated individuals who share our vision and commitment to success, cultivating a culture that empowers everyone to reach their fullest potential.


1st Stage Interview

Welcome to the first stage of our interview process! Here you’ll meet with a line manager (or line managers) from the department you are interested in. This stage represents the 'alignment' phase, primarily aimed at getting to know you, your personal interests, hobbies, professional background, and motivations in MEDDICC. This will enable us both to assess whether the role is a good fit for you.

Friendly Tip: Think of this stage as more of a casual conversation as we meet for the first time! 

C8 Interview

This stage is designed to delve into your strengths and areas for development concerning the eight C's that guide our winning culture. Our objective is to gain insights into your perspective, motivation, level of engagement, and commitment to assess how well it aligns with MEDDICC's core principles.
In this phase, there are no definitive right or wrong responses. Instead, our goal is to comprehend your approach and thought processes by presenting scenarios related to MEDDICC's cultural values. 

Friendly Tip: Click the link for more information about our C8 Culture Framework

Final Task interview

Congratulations, you’ve made it through to the final round of our interview process! This stage involves a more technical-orientated presentation to our CEO, Andy Whyte and your prospective Line Managers. You will receive instructions ahead of time with plenty of notice allowing you to demonstrate the skills relevant to the role. This interview is a great way for you to demonstrate your Craving to bring something unique to your role and to help us grow as a business, and your desire to be part of a winning Culture. Throughout the process, we want to ensure that an interview is not just a meeting but a mutual exploration of potential and long-term relationships. 

Remember; Potential is the key that unlocks the door to great opportunities.