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The AI-Powered Solution to overcome Deal Uncertainty

We believe that the key to unlocking success in sales lies in harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology. And that's where Winni comes in, our brand new AI tool integrated within our MEDDICC Operating System. Designed by the experts, Winni is the ultimate strategic partner for sales professionals worldwide.

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Meet Winni: The future of MEDDIC

We're bringing Winni, advanced AI technology, to provide you with invaluable strategic insights and unparalleled guidance. Winni learns only from those who have completed the MEDDPICC Masterclass and use our mOS, meaning it learns from the very best. By tapping into the collective wisdom of these top performers, Winni empowers you with the knowledge and skills to navigate even the most challenging deals.

AI that only learns from the very best

Winni is powered by insights from the best in the business, exclusively learning from certified MEDDPICC Masterclass graduates. We don't rely on random blogs from the internet. Say goodbye to uncertain information and trust Winni to provide you with reliable and credible insights to elevate your sales game.


Timely recommendations to progress your deal

Winni is your strategic ally, delivering timely recommendations to progress your deals. For instance, if Winni notices a missed opportunity like not testing your Champion, it will prompt you with data-backed examples to emphasize its importance. With Winni's insights, you'll never be unsure of what to do next. 


On-the-go enablement

With Winni, on-the-go enablement is at your fingertips. It consolidates MEDDICC's purpose-built content, providing guidance whenever you need it. Convert an M1 to an M2 effortlessly, as Winni shows you how. Learn as you go and overcome challenges with ease. Experience the power of Winni's enablement feature, empowering you to navigate your deal with confidence.


You might be thinking... why WINNI?

Great question. We love adding our unique twist to everything we do. That's why we our AI product, Winni, is inspired by a family name and the thrill of winning in sales. And we often refer to MEDDPICC as the Goose to your Maverick and our loveable mascot Winni the Goose brings that to life. As your trusty co-pilot, Winni helps you conquer deal uncertainty. Get ready to soar with Winni by your side as we navigate the sales skies together.

No geese were harmed in the making of Winni, we promise!


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