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Introducing MEDDICC Match:

The future of online dating

Use the proven elements of MEDDPICC in your dating life with MEDDICC Match, the latest feature for MEDDICC Operating system, the first purpose-built MEDDIC platform.

Curate your Decision Criteria

All of us have non-negotiables in relationships, but why do we have to wait until we meet someone to discover them? That’s why with MEDDICC Match, you can easily select your relationship Decision Criteria. Don’t have time for someone who’s not going to be 100% obsessed with your dog? Just select ‘dog-lover’. Scarred from getting pizza with someone just for them to order a Hawaiian? Eliminate ‘pineapple on pizza’ from your preferences to avoid any further jumpscares. 


Identify who matters

The people around you can make or break a Match. With MEDDICC Match’s Stakeholder Mapping feature, you can identify the important people in your Match’s life. We know that when a partner’s friends like you, they will act as a Champion for your relationship - so who are the ones with the most influence? Similarly, you don’t want to waste your time on a Match who’s pining for someone else, so you need to uncover the Competition – is your match still in touch with their ex? 


Measure those Metrics

No one likes a catfish. How many dating profiles do you see where someone states, “6’2”, because apparently that matters…” only for you to be at eye-level when you meet up with them? The Metrics Scanner feature of MEDDICC Match allows you to scan your Match to verify their information, which updates their profile automatically. This feature works solely on measurable data, so your Matches can’t falsely update your information for you just because you didn’t pay on the first date. 


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Disclaimer: The content relating to "MEDDICC Match" is intended for April Fool's Day amusement only. It is not a real product or service and is entirely fictional. We appreciate your understanding and hope you enjoy our humor!


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