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MEDDICC and The Unicorns - MEDDICC
Andy Whyte 4 min
Andy Whyte 06 September 2022

MEDDICC and The Unicorns - MEDDICC


Unlike perhaps any other type of sales framework or sales methodology, MEDDICC has been attributed to more Unicorn technology companies than any different sales methodology.

I would go as far as saying that it will be scarce that you find an enterprise sales organization that, if valued at over a billion dollars, doesn’t have a close link to MEDDICC, or MEDDIC or MEDDPICC.

The heritage of MEDDIC traces back to PTC, where legendary sales folk like Dick Dunkel, Jack Napoli, and John McMahon were part of a sales organization that went from 0-10bn dollars in 10 years. A feat only surpassed by how PTC never missed a single quarterly target in over 43 straight quarters, almost 11 years!

A fascinating exercise I undertook was to try the people connected to the sales leaders at PTC and plot their careers since their days in PTC.

Sales leaders of the worlds most successful enterprise sales organization's often worked at PTC where MEDDICC was founded.
As you can see, in the image above, PTC played an exciting part in creating sales leaders of the future. Some of the industry's most celebrated sales leaders started at PTC and have taken MEDDICC with them throughout their careers in their most recent roles.

I took just a sample of Unicorns (organization’s valued at one billion dollars or more). I traced back points when they achieved Unicorn status and/or what their value is today if they are listed publicly. The result is a fascinating chart showing MEDDICC aligns with high-value organizations.

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