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Adoption of MEDDICC
Andy Whyte 4 min
Andy Whyte 06 September 2022

Adoption of MEDDICC


So you want to adopt MEDDIC into your sales organization? Wise move!

There are many important elements to consider if you are wishing to implement MEDDIC into your sales organization. I have deployed MEDDIC into two sales organization’s and I have seen it re-deployed into an organization that had already used it but not very effectively.



My first bit of advice to consider when thinking about adopting MEDDIC is to buy my book! Of course, this is a shameless plug, but to really understand how to deploy MEDDIC you have to understand it in its full glory. My book covers the MEDDIC framework in some detail along with practical guides and examples of how it is used in companies of today. 

Sales Leaders Change their Language

You cannot successfully implement MEDDIC without the support of your sales leadership team. An easy quick implementation win will be in getting your sales leaders to change their language to align with that of MEDDIC.

Instead of asking what the contacting process looks like, say “Do we know their Paper Process?"

Instead of asking what their KPIs are, you say "Metrics". Instead of asking if the customer is aware of the pain, you ask if we have "implicated the pain"?


The doctor will see you now.

By far, the most successful tool I have used when implementing MEDDIC is the MEDDIC Clinic. This is a sales team session where you invite all of the sales team to participate in the MEDDIC review of a live deal.

The sessions are usually between 30 minutes to an hour long. The sellers start the session by giving an overview of their deal and the organization their deal is with and then get into the MEDDIC. We go section by section talking about each element of MEDDIC.

Within the session, we document the changes within the fields in which MEDDIC is maintained against the opportunity. This can be done within the opportunity page on your CRM, or simply within a document.

The sessions are run as frequently as you need them, but my advice would be in the first instance to run at least one session a week where attendance is mandatory. Once you feel your team is proficient in MEDDIC, you can change the participation to optional. My experience of this change is that Elite Sellers still attend every session they can as they have a voracious appetite for learning.

I would also recommend inviting people in more junior sales roles who may not be running a full closing role or are in a non-enterprise role. There will be no better place for them to obtain passive experience than from sitting in a MEDDIC Clinic.

As well as the MEDDIC Clinic being a valuable session for enhancing live deals through a MEDDIC review, they also act as a live training session for all participants. I have also found that they work positively towards increasing collaboration within sales teams as sellers become more open to working together and taking each other’s advice.

Work with the Experts

If you represent a large sales organization or one that covers multiple territories, then I would thoroughly recommend you work with some of the expert organization’s out there who are the very best at helping sales teams embrace and adopt MEDDIC... us included! 

A word on MEDDIC

MEDDIC was the original acronym given to the framework. It is very rarely implemented now thanks to the addition of the second C, which stands for Competition. Even experts like Sales Meddic Group who created the acronym add the C for Competition.

While I understand it can be attractive to have fewer letters to implement, my advice is to always include the C for Competition and have MEDDICC.

If your deals tend to have a complicated Paper Process, then I would also recommend calling out the P for Paper Process separately too.

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