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MEDDICC 24 October 2022



After growing the team to 10, MEDDICC can now announce the hires of Chief Revenue Officer, Pim Roelofsen and Chief Operating Officer, Rob Steel. Pim joins from Cisco Meraki where he built an immense knowledge of industry and sales relationships as he rose to Sales Leader. Roelofsen will be focused on enhancing the revenue team of the business and continue to lead MEDDICC implementations that are measured by successful metrics.

Roelofsen said: “The opportunity for revenue teams to level up in the way they qualify and provide value for their customers is immense, MEDDICC is a great place to operationalize that with customers in a way that is measurable and this to me is a great source of purpose and energy.”

Rob joins MEDDICC as the Chief Operating Officer after holding roles at Slack and Salesforce. He will use his extensive industry experience and knowledge to add to the Customer Success, Education, Product and Operations at MEDDICC as the organization ramps up its offering and creations.

"I joined MEDDIC because they are a group of world-class operators, I feel that we have a huge opportunity ahead to scale up and I am relishing the challenge”, said Steel. “I am beyond excited for the future product launch that is going to take us to the next level, as well as enable the best sales teams to increase their revenue and deal velocity.”

On top of these industry-leading hires, MEDDICC has also undergone a huge company rebrand focused on enhancing the customer experience and building on its already-famous MEDDIC and sales content that will be expanded into a MEDDICC Media Channel. This new rebrand and reinvention will make MEDDICC the one-stop place for content, MEDDICC products, and educational content that can be found with a click of a button.

MEDDICC has continued to up the ante with game-changing new hires, a sleek and modern new website, and now the alpha stage of an industry-changing SaaS which will change the way MEDDIC is implemented and adopted forever. The mOS, which is taking on alpha testers as we speak, will be taking launch after almost 2 years of planning and creation. The platform, with a built-in scoring algorithm and data-driven insights, will change the way sales professionals manage their opportunities, providing them with deal visibility and inevitably increased success rates.

For over 2 years, MEDDICC has allowed elite sales teams and organizations to gain top-level results and enhance their salespeople through training content and community support to reach their targets. In such a small timeframe, MEDDICC has now grown to a ten-wide team with even more growth planned in the future.

Not only do the hires, rebranding, and mOS signify a period of exciting growth and potential, it shows that MEDDICC is continuing to evolve, improve and level up at every opportunity.

Andy Whyte, CEO of MEDDICC, said: “I am extremely excited by getting Pim and Rob on board. They are the best at what they do, and the experience and skills they bring to the team will uplift everyone at MEDDICC. These hires alongside the unbelievable rebrand and innovational mOS platform are creating such a buzz, we cannot wait to see how our customers react."

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