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MEDDICC 06 September 2022



Use MEDDICC to give your buyers a professional experience

One thing that always surprises me about the sales industry is just how ashamed many salespeople are to admit they are in sales. Many sellers will do everything they can to avoid affirming to the customer that they are, in fact, a salesperson.

I have news for you — customers know you are a seller. They even know you want to sell to them! Yes! Even if you have a spruced-up title!

My advice is to lean into sales. As I mentioned, you aren’t fooling anyone by pretending to be a ‘consultant’; even if you are, is that the outcome you want? Do you want to set the expectation that your engagement with the customer is all about giving them free advice? What does that say to them about how you perceive your value?

If you only work with customers who you firmly qualify as serious you will win far more deals than the odd one you win by luring the customer into thinking that you are a ‘consultant’. It always amuses me greatly to think about how the seller morphs from pretending to be a consultant into a salesperson. Do they just spring out an order form? Does the customer sign immediately, because y’know, “GOTCHA!”? I doubt it 😂

Most sales professionals know that the best way to align themselves with their customers is to align their sales process to their customer’s buying process, and MEDDICC is the ideal framework to empower that.

Imagine for a moment that your sales manager is a stickler for MEDDICC, and you have an upcoming deal review with her where she is likely to go deep on MEDDICC. In preparation for the review, you realize you have many unanswered questions about every aspect of MEDDICC, so in a moment of panic, you call your Champion and ask him for the answers:

You: “Hey, Charlie, I’ve got it down here that Eve is the Economic Buyer on this deal?”
Charlie Champion
: “She’s the what?”

You: “Sorry… I mean she’s the one who approves the budget.”
Charlie Champion: “Well, yeah, it’s my budget, but she has to sign it off.”
You: “Right, so even if you said you wanted to do this, she could still block it?”
Charlie Champion: “Yup.”
You: “Ok, thanks. What about the Decision Process? As I understood it, the RFP answered all of the preliminary factors you had considered from a technical perspective. Are there any more steps ahead of us that we need to go through to get technical validation?
Charlie Champion: “Yes, a few, they are…..”

This is an extreme example. Your motives for obtaining this information should be your deal’s success, not to appease your boss. Still, it shows that even if you purely seek to get a deeper understanding of the MEDDICC on a deal directly with a client that they are likely to answer affirmatively.

Once again, if your customer is unwilling to share necessary information on how you both can get a deal done together, these are big red flags that should concern you about the health of your deal and how well it is qualified.

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