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The Top Ten Ways MEDDPICC Can Level Up Your Sales Skills
Cameron 4 min
Cameron 16 February 2023

The Top Ten Ways MEDDPICC Can Level Up Your Sales Skills


You should always strive to improve your skills as a salesperson. Whether you are in your first entry-level sales role and eager to rise the ranks, or you are a senior sales leader and have a breadth of experience in the game, the sales landscape is always changing and shifting.

If you are not constantly elevating your sales ability and looking to find the latest developments, understandings, strategies, and approaches, you could miss out on realizing your potential or lose out to competitors. 

It can be scary, to leave behind what you already know or have been taught to adopt a methodology that requires a whole different mindset in sales. But there is one that is tried, trusted, and tested. 

In his book Art of War, Sun Tzu taught his armies to burn any method of retreat, whether it was his army's boats or bridges they had crossed. He found that soldiers who had only the fight ahead of them as their option would have the most chance of prevailing in their battle. 

MEDDPICC Sales Skills - Art of War

And it’s time for you to do the same. To burn your boats, adopt and enable a MEDDICC mindset and begin to become the best seller you can be.

We’re going to explain the top ten reasons why the MEDDPICC framework can enhance your sales ability and elevate you to the next level.


Have Access To The Perfect Tool for Deal Reviews 

As you are trying to become better in anything, forget just sales, sometimes looking back is more important than looking forward. You need to understand why the result was the result, what happened during the process, and what could have been better next time.

MEDDPICC operates as the perfect framework to look back on your deals and get the reality of how you performed. We are all guilty of internal biases, of skimming over hard truths and leaving things to “chance” as to why they didn’t work.

When you apply each element of MEDDPICC to your previous deals, you are using the ultimate sales troubleshooter as to why things did not work. You can spot weaknesses or mistakes in your deals a mile off, and this will help you become a much better and more efficient seller. 


MEDDPICC Will Push You To a Data-Based Selling Approach

You will rarely find a customer or potential lead that isn’t stirred or excited by hard numbers. Presenting them the proof and evidence of how your solution will improve them can turn the heads of even the most stubborn customers. 

By using Metrics, you will present the dollars and monetary value of your solution, giving your customer KPIs and how your solution can benefit them. A bad seller will guess and throw rough estimations, with no real sense of direction.

A MEDDPICC-enabled salesperson will present real numbers and paint a portrait of why their potential customer should buy the solution. With Metrics, you gain a real sense of how the financial impact of your solution can help and shift your prospect. 


Keep The Most Important People in the Deal

One of the most devastating experiences a salesperson can have is to nail the introduction, fit their solution against a client where it becomes a perfect fit and get the final paperwork ready only to hear “I need to pass this to someone” or “I am not in charge of the budget”.

If you want to avoid this harrowing experience, MEDDPICC can be the perfect solution. The Economic Buyer element gives you the framework to find the one who has the credit card, who makes the purchase, and who can say “yes, sign it” when it comes to buying your solution.

Using the MEDDPICC methodology, you will be including the ultimate decision maker in your deal process early - don’t get mistaken though, you will still be working with the people needed, and in your larger deals you could still be in contact with 8-9 people. 

The main point to apply when working with your customer’s decision team is to keep the Economic Buyer updated throughout, and have them included in your final case review, presentation, and contract proposal. 


You Know What Your Customer Wants

When selling your solution, you need to know what puzzle it fits in. MEDDPICC can give you the ability to know how your product aligns with what they need, making your sales approach simpler whilst elevating the potential of success each time you engage a lead. 

Look at your prospect's wish list, look at what they measure their vendors on, and see what current vendors they use to get a better idea of how to win their business. Understanding their Decision Criteria after applying MEDDPICC gives you the plan of attack.

Creating lines about how you can approach the customer and see what they would want from a dream solution would be a great start, but you will need to be prepared for varied and mixed answers, as well as how you can find a middle ground on certain features or capabilities.

Understand who is buying from you and learn what gets them interested in your product. Knowing what your customer wants is half of the battle.  


Understanding The Decision Process Gives You The Path to Success

It’s a sad fact of reality that a lot of salespeople of all experiences will be completely clueless about the customer’s buying process. Whether it is go-live dates, what the customer checks before buying, when they make a decision, and who is involved, most salespeople could not answer those questions without help.

That help exists, as a seller using the MEDDPICC methodology will systematically go through their potential customer’s Decision Process, taking time to understand the path ahead so they can guide the buyer through the entire process.

Without having the Decision Process understood, you’ll never know when you can win the deal, and will not be able to truly forecast without having this element.


Never Miss a Deal Forecast with Paper Process

It’s natural to be wrong about a deal forecast in your sales career. But it doesn’t have to be like that any longer.

Bringing in the MEDDPICC element into your deals gives you the chance to take a rain check on how your customer carries out all their paperwork. Through the Paper Process element, you can get an estimation of your customer's legal process timeframe, know who is reviewing, how much they prioritize it, and what the signature process entails. 

The way the business process works is not equal to the legal process. And just because it is sitting on legal’s desk doesn’t mean it is at the top of the pile.

You need to go through the Paper Process methodically and with a fine-toothed comb - done right, however, and you can begin forecasting your deals to the day or hour.


Always Know The Pain or Problem You are Solving

Whenever you approach a potential customer, you need to know why this prospect is deciding on a change, what challenges they are facing, and what benefit they get from solving the pain. Without knowing this, you are going into demos or intro calls with a blindfold on and your hands tied behind your back trying to swing the bat. 

Once you know what your customer’s problem is, you can begin to use MEDDPICC and Implicate the Pain, digging deep to know the full extent. Once you have carried out this vital step, you pair pain with Metrics, showing a rational and justifiable ailment to their pain points.

Remember this: it’s a critical mistake to present your solution without identifying or implicating the customer’s pain.


Be in the Customer’s Internal Conversations

It’s a common feeling at the start of your sales journey to feel out of the loop when it comes to the customer’s internal conversations. You’ve just poured your heart out in a demo, presentation, or business case, and now what? 

This could be MEDDPICC’s biggest superpower. An element that allows you to be in the boardroom and know what is being said about your solution. What we call a Champion is someone you identify within the customer organization who has a vested interest in your success and the credibility to drive it internally.

They act as voices in that boardroom speaking on your behalf, selling your solution, and having a sense of credibility that even you don’t have.  By using MEDDPICC you can find your Champion in your deal, people who fight in your corner at all times during the deal.


Learn How to Be The Best Solution

Salespeople can get sensitive when it comes to other companies vying for their customers. To get better, you need to get past a biased, unreliable view of your Competition.

MEDDPICC presents you with that opportunity, a perfect gateway to looking at the honest picture and painting a list of pros and cons. It steers you from the lowly act of talking down your competition and instead will have you focused on the one competition that matters.

It’s the status quo, the current playing field, and the landscape that you are trying to elevate your customer in. By using Metrics and bringing in the Pain, you can get your solution ahead of any competition naturally. 

By doing your research, looking at Competition in an unbiased fashion, and by presenting Metrics, and Implicating the Pain, you can know what you are solving and who for. 


Enable a MEDDICC Mindset and Win More Deals

By utilizing MEDDPICC in your own sales career and organization, you give yourself a way of maximizing your potential success. It is not just a little helpful tool to use here and there though. 

A MEDDICC mindset is having it operationalized and running completely through your pipeline, your team, and your organization. Thanks to tools like mOS, you can now get data feedback on how your MEDDPICC elements are performing in each deal, and more importantly, you can construct a plan on the software to get those numbers closer to success.

MEDDPICC and a MEDDICC mindset are something that can not only boost your own sales ability but can revolutionize the fortunes of your organization and business.


Learn more about MEDDICC Memberships here and begin your journey to maximizing your sales potential. 



Cameron Dhaliwal serves as the Content Manager at MEDDICC, with a rich history in regional journalism, public relations at PokerStars, and digital marketing agencies. Specializing in content creation and strategy, Cameron's expertise spans media, technology, and sales enablement. His work at regional news outlets laid the foundation for his passion in Public Relations, which was further honed during his time at PokerStars. Now at MEDDICC, he leverages his diverse skill set to optimize sales and GTM content.

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