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A Champion is a person who has power, influence, and, subsequently, credibility within the customer’s organization.


You may have heard the phrase “No Champion, No Deal,” which is a very astute view. From my perspective, this is true.

People always ask whether you can have more than one Champion, and the answer is very clearly yes, as long as they are qualified. One qualified Champion is better than ten unqualified Champions.

What classifies a Champion as qualified?

It is a straightforward criterion that has three parts:

  1. A Champion has power and influence
  2. A Champion acts as an internal seller for you
  3. A Champions has a vested interest in your success

What if you have a helpful stakeholder who is missing one of the above criteria? Should you not engage further with them?

Absolutely you should! This person is referred to as a Coach. They can still be useful. Most typically, Coach’s lack the power and influence to be a Champion, but they can still give you helpful insight to your customer as well as selling internally for you, albeit they tend to have less impact due to their lack of influence.

“A Champion without Power and Influence is just a Coach.”

Andy Whyte – MEDDICC – The Book

Generally speaking, all Champions start as a Coach, and then you qualify them as Champions, or they prove themselves.

Winning Together

An often overlooked part of the Champion criteria is the Champion having a vested interest in our success.

If we fail, they fail.
If we win, they win.

Andy Whyte – MEDDICC The Book

Put simply, a Champion’s success should have some form of alignment with our success.

Building your Champion

Building your Champion is a vital part of MEDDPICC. There are several strategies and tips on how you can build your Champion in MEDDICC – The Book. At a high level, your focus for building your Champion falls into two parts:

  1. Solution
  2. Political

Both of these parts require different strategies, and you must get it right to maximize your Champion’s potential.

Another strong strategy detailed in MEDDICC The Book is a strategy that follows *The Three Why’s *:

  1. Why should your customer buy Your solution,?
  2. Why should you buy from You?
  3. Why should you buy now?
    Having a Champion able to answer these three questions, articulately will make them a beneficial internal seller.

Build Trust

Trust is a critical element in building a Champion. A Champion who trusts the seller will always work harder for you. They’ll go into bat harder for you and be happier to give you information, good, bad, or ugly.

Building Trust with a Champion takes time and comes from being consistent, reliable, and honest.

While you want to be friendly with your Champion, you don’t necessarily want to be friends. Your relationship needs to be outcome-driven, where you both mutually benefit from each other’s success. Being friends to the point where it gets in the way of you getting towards your desired outcome is a bad thing. I have seen sellers become so close with their Champions that they become afraid to call them to the task which negates the purpose of having a Champion.

Things you can do to build your Champion

Counter Champion

If you have a Champion, the chances are that your competition does too.

Understanding who your Counter Champion is and whether they have more power and authority than your Champion is crucial.

Testing Champions

I have lost count of the number of times I’ve heard sellers reference their Champion only for it to become immediately evident that the Champion is neither qualified nor tested. Put simply; an untested Champion isn’t a Champion.

“An untested Champion isn’t a Champion.”

Andy Whyte – MEDDICC – The Book

Remember the criteria of a Champion:

  1. A Champion has power and influence
  2. A Champion acts as an internal seller for you
  3. A Champions has a vested interest in your success
    Each of these criteria needs to be tested.

Champion and Procurement

A good Champion can help you out with Procurement. Not just by helping you with the engagement itself, but they can help set you up for how best to work with their Procurement team, helping you prepare accordingly.

It is the same story with your customer’s lawyers. Your Champion can set you up for success there too.

MEDDPICC and your Champion

Of all the stakeholders you will work with on a deal, your Champion is the one that you can align with most closely on MEDDPICC. I wouldn’t hesitate to take a qualified Champion through MEDDPICC, why you use it, and see them as your Champion. What is the worst that can happen? You’ll be called out for running an efficient and value-focused sales process? Good!

Here is how to think about MEDDPICC with your Champion:

MEDDPICC in your sales Process:

Summary Snapshot of in the sales process:

Champion after you’ve won the deal

Once you have closed the deal, an elite move is to stay close to the Champion and the project to ensure it becomes as successful as you promised.

If your solution has a renewal element or you have further opportunity to upsell, it will be important you are seen as a person that can deliver on their promises.

Not to mention the opportunity to work with that person again if you or they change companies.

After all, by buying from you, they must be pretty smart, right? So the chances are they are on a path to the C-Suite.

Capture the success
Another benefit is that once your customer is successful, you can capture the Metrics of their success to help you with future references you may need.

Summary of Champion

“No Champion, No Deal” – it’s been a true saying for as long as the term ‘Champion’ has been used in sales. Hopefully, this chapter goes to show you the full potential a Champion can have on your deal and gives some guidance on how to get them there.

This page is a super-condensed definition of Champion. For full insight, strategies, tips, and hacks on how to work with your Champion in your MEDDPICC / MEDDICC / MEDDIC Framework be sure to buy MEDDICC – The Book.


The book deconstructs MEDDICC into easy to understand and implement steps. Breaking down every letter of the acronym into actionable insights complemented by commentary on how MEDDICC can help sales organizations to revolutionize their sales execution and efficiency

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