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MEDDICC 12 October 2022

Buy our Go Live Plan


Take control of the closing process with our purchasable Go-Live Plan - your pathway to each necessary step to take your deal to the finish line.

Every enterprise deal should have some form of a plan for working through the closing stages of a deal.

A large majority of time, ‘Close Plans’ that are shared with customers are either totally Seller sided or biased towards the Seller’s priorities. And while your priorities are important, they aren't the only ones that matter. 

The Go-Live Plan acts as a mutual close plan, some may call it a 'Mutual Action Plan'. The main difference is that the Go-Live Plan focuses on the solution going live as the goal, not the closure of the deal. This communicates to your customer when they will start to see an impact from your solution, and the realistic timeline leading up to it. As a result, it makes it much more likely that a customer will buy into its use, and want to continue working with you.

Click here to access helpful lessons on how to use the Go-Live Plan. You will be able to view the curriculum without making any commitments to buy and then decide if you would like to buy the Go Live Plan.

If you're then ready to purchase the plan, you can do so here!

Remember, the deal isn't done with the final signature, but with the actual Go-Live date for your customer. Working with this date in mind will not only build urgency in your deal, but will help your team remain focused on true value delivery, resulting in a win-win for you and your customer. 

So, equipped with the Go-Live Plan in your pocket, we wish you happy closing.

If you have any questions about the Go-Live Plan or other products from MEDDICC, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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