Our Guiding Principles

When we set out to build MEDDICC there was one overriding goal we had in mind - to build a place where we would want to work.

With this as our number one Guiding Principle, we considered what sub-principles would go on to support that?

What resulted were the Six Guiding Principles.

The Six Guiding Principles

We set out to build the kind of company where we would want to work. These are our guiding principles:

Treat others how you want to be treated

This is our number one principle and governs everything we do whether it be internal or external.

Disarming Honesty

Everything is so much simpler if honesty prevails. No second-guessing, no overthinking.

Never Assume

Assumption is never a shortcut. As the saying goes "You make an Ass of u and me"

Best Practice Always

We operate within an industry where thousands have trodden our path before. Let's follow them.

Prudent not Parsimonious

Being prudent means we work with our future goal in mind. ROI Rules.


Try laughing without smiling... Exactly.

Passionate about building something to be proud of

Our Mission

Is to help sales professional be better by anchoring them to proven principles of success.

Our Vision

Is to create an environment where brilliant people can express their brilliance in happy ways.