Many MEDDIC or MEDDPICC practitioners will tell you that the three primary letters in MEDDICC are the M for Metrics, the I for Implicate the Pain, and the C for Champion. This is because while the other letters all play an important part, the M, the I, and, the C are involved in your deal from the first engagement to the last.

In fact, some elite sales organization’s put so much emphasis on the M, I, and, C that you will be unable to get sales engineer support if you don’t have Metrics, a Champion, and a good understanding of the Pain.

But, above all else, whatever stage you are in the sales process, if you don’t have Pain you don’t have a deal. It is as simple as that.

We have all closed deals with no Champion, no access to the Economic Buyer, no clearly defined Metrics of Decision Criteria, and without an understanding of the Decision Process or Paper Process. But, I have never seen anyone sell a deal without Pain.

Put simply:

No Pain, No Gain.

Arnie, or someone with similar amounts of muscle 💪

Or put less simply:

Identify the Pain Implicate the Pain

But seriously though, do you have any deals at the moment where the customer doesn’t feel the pain? Either change something pronto, or get out of them!