Who are we? What is MEDDICC? Isn't it MEDDIC or MEDDPICC? Who owns MEDDIC? So many questions... Here are some answers!

What is MEDDIC?

MEDDIC (and all of it's variations) are a sales qualification methodology that is especially useful to B2B enterprise sales organizations. MEDDIC helps organizations to ensure they are within the right deals and focusing on the right things to win.

Who Created MEDDIC?

MEDDIC was created inside of PTC in 1996 by Dick Dunkel who was working under the leadership of PTC SVP John McMahon and in collaboration with teammate Jack Napoli. The acronym is formed of six elements which came from an exercise Dick Dunkel was undertaking to ascertain:

- Why does PTC win deals

- Why does PTC lose deals

- Why do PTC deals slip

What Dick found was that there were six commonalities in the answers to these questions and these commonalities were the basis and origin of MEDDIC.  

Consequently, Dick is referred to as the “biological” father of MEDDIC. 

As Dick and Jack Napoli were preparing for a sales education event Dick wrote the acronym on the whiteboard to review. Jack witnessed the “birth of MEDDIC” and this is why Jack will tell you that he is affectionately  / humorously known as the “Godfather” of MEDDIC. Dick on the other hand thinks Jack is known as the Godfather due to his active and influential role in its "upbringing" as he helped to refine the message and applications and shared it with so many emerging enterprise sales teams.  

The elements of MEDDIC are as follows:

M is for Metrics

E is for Economic Buyer

D is for Decision Criteria

D is for Decision Process

I is for Implicate the Pain

C is for Champion

Once Dick had the acronym and John had signed off on it Dick and Jack took off on a global tour to standardize execution across PTC’s sales teams, as a consequence MEDDIC was born.

As John, Dick, Jack, and the incredible pool of talent PTC had moved on to other roles MEDDIC proliferated across the landscape of enterprise sales as we know it today, and, today the world's best sales organizations use MEDDIC.


It can be either. While many still refer to the methodology as MEDDIC, the methodology is most commonly implemented today as MEDDICC or MEDDPICC. The additional letters stand for:

P is for Paper Process

C is for Competition

Where are Dick, Jack, and John now?

Dick has gone on to work with some of the fastest-growing technology companies such as Sprinklr and Celonis.

Jack started his own sales training consultancy specializing in MEDDIC training, called Sales MEDDIC Group.

John McMahon went on to lead the sales team at Ariba, BladeLogic, and BMC before moving over to the board room where he has worked with AppDynamics, Glassdoor, Hubspot, Fuze, Sumo Logic, Sprinklr, ThoughtSpot, Catchpoint, Lacework, MongoDB and Snowflake.

Ok, so who are you?

We or I should say I, am Andy Whyte. I am currently a sales leader who specializes in helping lead the sales teams of marketing technology companies.

MEDDIC changed the trajectory of my career, setting me on a much more successful course. After working at a number of different MEDDIC sales teams and implementing MEDDPICC myself to two sales teams I felt I had a unique perspective that is rarely heard in the MEDDIC community of someone that is out there 'doing' MEDDIC on a daily basis, rather than just talking about the 'doing'. This led me to write a book on MEDDICC, and this website is the supporting platform of that book.

Who owns MEDDIC?

Nobody would truly claim ownership to owning MEDDIC. It was created inside of PTC and Jack Napoli owns the trademark for MEDDIC under the special dispensation of PTC.




Alternative Text
Dick Dunkel
Role in MEDDIC: Creator when at PTC

Dick created MEDDIC at PTC when working through why deals are Won/Lost and Slip.

Alternative Text
John McMahon
Role in MEDDIC: SVP of Sales at PTC

John was PTC's sales leader that guided Dick towards the creation of MEDDIC.

Alternative Text
Jack Napoli
Role in MEDDIC: VP of Sales Development at PTC

Jack is known as the Godfather as MEDDIC so great was his impact on the proliferation of MEDDIC.

Alternative Text


Hey 👋, I'm Andy, I started MEDDICC.com to accompany MEDDICC, the book I wrote and launched in December 2020.

There is no lack of experts on the topic of any form of MEDDIC, however, it felt to me like the 'doers' were too busy 'doing' to stop to talk about it. I was the same myself as I still have a day job as a sales leader, but due to no longer having to travel due to COVID-19 I found some new time to finally write the book I had been talking about writing for years.

My background with MEDDIC or MEDDPICC as I have most commonly worked with comes with a variety of best practices, through to worst. I have also implemented MEDDPICC into two sales teams with remarkable results.

Thanks for reading!