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MEDDICON 3 - A Quick Overview
Robin 4 min
Robin 22 September 2023

MEDDICON 3 - A Quick Overview


On September 14th, we held our third MEDDICON, and it was truly one for the history books. Between some minor technical difficulties, about seven different outfit changes, and six epic sessions, it was a MEDDICON unlike any other. We really hope you were able to attend! 

If you couldn’t make it, or if you’re eager to revisit the incredible sessions, we have good news! We’ve gathered an overview of each session for you, and over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing the highlights and key takeaways so you can use them to level up.


State of MEDDIC

As per usual, our CEO Andy Whyte kicked us off with a discussion of the State of MEDDIC - where it’s being used, how it’s being applied, and how top sales organizations continue to find success with it. He talked us through how MEDDIC might be referred to as a lot of things, but how it is ultimately a language for engaging with customers to talk about Value, Stakeholders, and Process. Andy also introduced the MEDDICC Playbook, unveiling the structured ways MEDDPICC can be utilized and implemented throughout the Go To Market journey, and how we at MEDDICC will support you along the way. 


Is Your Playbook a Black Box? The Importance of Quality Execution

Our Chief Customer Officer, Dick Dunkel, led the first panel session of MEDDICON, where he was joined by the awesome Wendy Bissonnette and Tara McOmber. They focused on enablement-led sales execution, and shared wisdom for those who feel their playbook is a black box, who are not seeing the success they should. If you or your team are seeing gaps in your deals or in your sales process, that’s something to be celebrated, because now you can put a plan into place to fix them. Longevity is about understanding that what may have worked in the past might not work now - learning to pivot is essential. Sales execution is about building a lasting relationship, and if you lead with discovery in everything you do and maintain focus on the fundamentals of the sales process, you will transform your selling.


Med Men Live

The Med Men return! This time, Andy and MEDDICC CRO Pim Roelofsen were joined by a well-dressed Dick Dunkel for another engaging episode, this time spotlighting discovery. The Med Men presented us with two scenarios to demonstrate this importance of thorough planning for effective discovery. Seeing the contrast between the first scenario, which was so painful to watch Dick was texting his EA for help, and the second, which had a pretty promising finish, the necessity of preparation is pretty clear! 


Disco Inferno

Burn, baby, burn! Following his third outfit change of the day, Andy hosted an amusing and informative panel on discovery, joined by Louisa Dunwiddie and David Weiss. Building credibility is crucial for compelling discovery, and our panelists talked about the small things you can do to immediately win that with the customer. You need to earn the right to have a detailed conversation about their pain so you can solve it, and you also need to remember that discovery is something that continues throughout the sales process, it isn’t just a stage you move on from. Filled with fun dating analogies and gold tidbits, this was a session to remember!


MEDDIC and the Post-Sale Journey

Whether you’re new to the MEDDIC framework or you’re an old hand, you’re likely very familiar with how MEDDIC can be applied in the sales journey. However, if you’re not applying MEDDIC across the full customer lifecycle, you are seriously missing out. That’s why Pim and Dick united for this session exploring MEDDIC’s role in the post-sale journey, as you move from the sales cycle to delivery and success. To uncover the mistakes people make in that shift, they played a game of two truths and a lie - but who guessed correctly? This session was full of practical, actionable tips on how to keep your eyes on the prize during the post-sales journey to ensure you continue to deliver value to your customers. 


The GTM Function is Broken: Why, and How You Can Fix It

Andy took the stage again for this session all about the Go To Market team. He returned to the importance of your whole team speaking the same language - because if everyone does things differently, you completely lose alignment. He shared a crazy but true story about a customer who was actively avoiding the personas of their typical Champions, which just goes to show that when communication breaks down, failure is just around the corner. Referring to the MEDDICC Playbook, Andy explained how MEDDPICC can be effectively used with co-selling. Overall, it was a really informative session, featuring some excellent acting from our CEO! 


We’re already busy getting the key takeaways from each session ready for you, so we hope you’re looking forward to them.


Until then,

May your Champions be strong!



Robin Daly is Content Editor at MEDDICC, and is responsible for different long-form pieces as part of MEDDICC Media. She is based in Glasgow, where she frequently drinks too much coffee and tries to justify her stack of unread books she keeps adding to.

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