Learn the methodology behind the world's most successful enterprise sales organizations.

"This is the best MEDDIC explanation I have ever read"
- Ulrich Weigel, Regional Director at MongoDB

The book deconstructs MEDDICC into easy to understand and implement steps. Breaking down every letter of the acronym into actionable insights.

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You should buy the book because it will make you a better seller or sales leader.

MEDDIC Book Review from Jeremey Donovan
Jeremey Donovan, SVP Sales Strategy, Salesloft



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What do readers think?

Home Run!

I searched high and low for resources to learn MEDDICC, and just as importantly, how to implement it into your overall sales methodology. I stumbled across Andy's book, and BOOM!, there it was in black & white. On top of that, the co-creators of MEDDICC Dick Dunkel and Jack Napoli helped to contribute to the overall arch of the book. I've read countless sales books over the last 20 years, and there are some good ones, but this is the most succinct sales execution book I've ever read. This book is ideal for enterprise sales environments, and probably even better for technology or complex sales cycles. I'm selling to organizations who are making multi-million dollar buying decisions, and half the time they don't have a qualified buying process which can make selling and closing feel like vudu. What I love about MEDDICC, and more specifically Andy's book, is that it gives you a process for how to guide your prospect towards an effective buying process. Just as importantly, MEDDICC and the tools that are outlined in the book give the seller an effective way to qualify in or out of the deal. One of my mentors early on would preach that a "qualified NO", was just as good or better than a "qualified YES". What I've found is that elite sellers know what deals in their pipeline are "real", and what's "pie-in-the-sky". If you want to be an elite seller you have to demystify the winners and losers in your pipeline, and take the guessing out of forecasting wins and losses. If you want to understand MEDDICC and if you're looking for an elite qualification process this is the best book I've ever read on the topic. 

MEDDIC Book Review from Anthony Patricio
Anthony Patricio
CEO, Spero

Must read for any sales leader implementing MEDDICC

I am an SVP of Sales for a B2B software company implementing MEDDICC. I came across Andy while I was researching best practices for implementing MEDDICC (before the book was released). After spending a few months trying to piece together different best practices, I was really looking forward to the release of the book. Upon reading the book, I was not disappointed at all! Andy over delivered.

Andy does a fantastic job of simplifying the principles of MEDDICC, clearly articulating how each portion of the methodology should evolve throughout a sales cycle. In what feels like many bonuses throughout the book, Andy also offers a number of tips and tricks leveraged by elite sellers to qualify different aspects of MEDDICC.

My entire team will be reading the book!

MEDDIC Book Review from Zack Novak
Zack Novak
SVP Global Sales, Uptake

This is the best MEDDIC explanation I have ever read

MEDDIC Book Review from Ulrich Weigel
Ulrich Weigel, Regional Director, MongoDB

A wonderfully detailed deep dive into MEDDICC (and all of its variations)!

A thoughtful look at how MEDDICC came to be, why it continues to be the most comprehensive and thoughtful way to qualify, how to make it happen at any organization, and everything in between. A terrific resource for folks new to MEDDICC or anyone looking for a modern refresher. I wish I had this resource when I first brought MEDDICC into a previous organization!

MEDDIC Book Review from Devon McDermott
Decvon McDermott
VP Enablement, Persado

Enterprise SaaS sales or sales support - customer facing role must read

Must Read for all customer-facing Enterprise sales roles:
There is something here for everyone which is what captured my imagination.

When I saw how Andy covered not only MEDDIC but some of the ancillary methodologies that when used properly work in, what some would say, an almost “frictionless” way to advance your opportunities.
Perhaps you are:
· A well-educated MEDDIC Elite Enterprise seller looking for an edge.
· Newly introduced to MEDDIC in a casual or haphazard learning/reinforcement environment or 
· Brand new to it and looking for a few tips or techniques to improve your customer-facing skills

MEDDIC Book Review from Jack Napoli
Jack Napoli
'The Godfather of MEDDIC'

This is the best MEDDIC explanation I have ever read and easy to understand as well. Fantastic work! It is extremely well structured - I am using MEDDIC for 10 years now and your book follows a logical approach (for me). I will certainly use it as a reference as many things are well known but reading them again with such a clarity is truly fantastic. I also suspect this book to be a great basis for new sales people (new to MEDDIC) as the whole concept can be overwhelming when they are back from training and hit the field and get full attention of their manager. Expectation and reality differ in those situations from time to time..

MEDDIC Book Review from Ulrich Weigel
Ulrich Weigel
Regional Director at MongoDB

If you want to get on in sales, or improve your sales team, this is a great place to start

Andy has written a great book that covers the MEDDICC sales methodology and has also sprinkled it with his own experience and case studies. I’ve read a lot of sales and marketing book and most of the are the same and conform to a ‘template”. While this “obviously” walks you through the MEDDICC sales methodology it avoids the traps of your “typical” sales book.

Great book, if you want to get on in sales, or improve your sales team, this is a great place to start. Highly recommended

MEDDIC Book Review from Tim Hughes
Timothy Hughes
CEO of DLA Ignite, and,
Author of Social Selling

Never stop learning

Been in sales for a long time and had the chance to work with Andy! We had some great times selling together but don’t let that impact my review.

The book is fresh and a great learning tool whether you are familiar with MEDDIC or not. I work in sales today and it was very useful for me to go through and (Re)learn things that have been core to my success.

If you start in sales or also believe that you can always learn more - this is part of the books I recommend.

MEDDIC Book Review from Harold Verhagen
Harold Verhagen
Regional Sales Manager, AppDynamics

Insightful content and advice. Great book covering all the key information.

Essential reading for anyone who wants to improve as a seller or part of a sales team. It covers off all the key elements of the MEDDICC framework with great examples of how it applies to the entire sales cycle.

Well written with interesting stories and examples alongside general advice for sellers.

MEDDIC Book Review from Luke Minors
Luke Minors
CSM, Alteryx

Great & practical

The book was fantastic, with lots of great examples throughout. I’ve already begun implementing different aspects with great success.

It’s a book I’ll revisit many times in the future and would happily recommend with confidence to anyone who is in a sales, sales-management, or SDR role.

MEDDIC Book Review from Amazon
Amazon Review
Verified Purchase

Pragmatic and effective sales methodologies written by an experienced enterprise salesperson.

Great book. An absolute must for enterprise salespeople involved in complex, high value sales scenarios. Written by someone who has been there, which is extremely rare.

MEDDIC Book Review from Alan Jarvie
Alan Jarvie
Senior Executive, FiServ

Must read for modern sales people.

Excellent book. Clear and insightful. Would recommend to all sellers.

MEDDIC Book Review from Sheila Power
Sheila Power
VP Sales, Antavo

Must read for anyone in sales

Whether you’re starting your sales career or looking to sharpen your sword as a seasoned seller, this book will bring you value. Highly recommended.

MEDDIC Book Review from Amazon
Amazon Review
Verified Purchase

Fantastic guide to Meddicc and inspirational story - Highly Recommended

I've got a library of sales books from Brian Tracy mindset stuff through to SPIN Selling, Challenger Sale, etc. Andy's book deserves a place amongst the very best on the market as he breaks down the MEDDICC complex sales strategy in a really accessible way.

I'm a real fan of the way he gives you his own story which is inspirational but also highlights areas that he has improved since implementing MEDDICC himself. It's the first book I've bought both the Kindle and physical copy to make notes in!

I like things that are actionable in the here and now and the book lays out a clear strategy to use MEDDICC to qualify the sale (or perhaps most importantly qualify out those you should not spend time on).

I think MEDDICC is useful as both a field guide and also if you just want to understand the process an Enterprise Seller using MEDDICC goes through, highly recommended!

MEDDIC Book Review from Amazon
Amazon Review
Verified Purchase

Being a long time practitioner of MEDDIC, I can strongly recommend this book.
If you are new to MEDDIC, this book breaks down not only the acronyms in an easy to understand way, but it also touches on the many side points of this methodology- which is often overlay by other sources. It comes with great examples and also support from the inventors of MEDDIC.
If you are a long time practitioner, the book is a great compendium of knowledge to get better or refresh certain aspects of you qualification process.

Best of all, easy to read! Look no further, start improving your sales qualification skills today.

MEDDIC Book Review from Amazon
Amazon Review
Verified Purchase

Comprehensive MEDDICC book

Andy has done a very though job of covering the MEDDICC qualification methodology in detail with this book. He related the methodology to an enterprise level sales process - to give readers context on how MEDDICC or any of it's derivatives - MEDDPICC or the original MEDDIC are used to continuously qualify whether your opportunity is headed toward closure in a timely manner or headed toward no decision. As a MEDDICC trainer, I have recommended this book to several clients as reference material or as pre-requisite to a customized training session.

MEDDIC Book Review from Steve Ammann
Steve Ammann
Managing Partner Sales MEDDIC Group

An excellent guide to the complex enterprise sale

This is an excellent book covering one of the most (if not the most) useful sales qualification frameworks out there. Andy can trace his knowledge of MEDDICC back to the originators, and he has perfected his craft in numerous sales leadership roles. He is a practitioner rather than a theoretician, and you can tell by the companions (a deal sheet and the go-live plan) that he has put together to help sales reps navigate the most complex enterprise sales scenarios. Thank you, Andy, and keep up the great work

MEDDIC Book Review from Luis Vasallo
Luis Vasallo
Cloudfare, INC

Excellent resource

I have been in the sales industry for about 5 years, and have been taking the time to hone in on my skills in order to take my career to the next level. I found the methodology in this book to be relatable and easily implemented! With 7 easy steps, I have been able to think of new ways of moving my current deals to the next level! By just tweaking a few things that I had been taught along the way, with a couple of more skills found within this book, I can see that I’ll be able to uplevel my skill set so that I can stand out above my peers and competition!

MEDDIC Book Review from Amazon
Amazon Review
Verified Purchase

Interesting, practical and engaging

Highly recommended - I found this book simple to follow, engaging and practical. The author brings years of knowledge and an obvious passion to this book. The inclusion of real life examples and useful insights alongside the theory behind MEDDIC makes for practical, tangible advice.

Whether you're an experienced sales professional or just starting out in your sales journey, this book will help you sell better!

MEDDIC Book Review from Amazon
Emma Jones
Amazon Review
Verified Purchase

Great for inspiration in deal cycles

Great book, clearly written and well organised. I have used to gain some inspiration during a difficult deal and some of the ideas were excellent. If I had one recommendation it would be to organise MEDDICC in the order that the elements are most heavily qualified (I appreciate it doesn't stop) with a chronology/timeline. I would also add more stories where things have not gone well so you can see the impact of not qualifying strongly, not just the benefits of doing so. Otherwise a great book, hence my 5 stars!

MEDDIC Book Review from Amazon
Amazon Review
Verified Purchase

THE book every Enterprise seller needs to read

MEDDICC is the gold standard for sales methodology in modern Enterprise sales. It is has quickly become a requirement for the top sales positions.

Andy writes with authority on the subject and makes it easy to learn and implement MEDDICC for the reader. A must read.

MEDDIC Book Review from Amazon
Amazon Review
Verified Purchase

Increase your earnings through working smarter (not harder)

Having used meddicc for the last couple of years in my role as an account director in software sales, I purchased this book to brush up on what I had learned and understand a new perspective on this sales methodology.

If you read this book and haven't used meddicc before, so long as you put what you've learned into practice, you'll be amazed as the results it'll achieve and the money you'll earn!. Whilst being horrified with some of the past deals you actually thought were real and the time you wasted.

Thanks to the author, Andy for writing this.

MEDDIC Book Review from Matt Clarke
Matt Clarke
Account Director, Dynatrace

Great Resource

I find that Andy has not only captured that essence of MEDDICC but made it actionable with real world examples and that highlight how to qualify at each phase of your sales process. This is a valuable addition to your seller's toolkit

MEDDIC Book Review from Chris Bowen
Christopher Bowen
SVP Global Sales, Xpanxion

Easy to consume and powerful

I'm a first-year AE so a lot of stuff is still new to me and I'm learning lots.

With that said, I've been lucky to find a couple of good sales books. This is one of them. It does a great job showing you how under-performing reps behave and how elite sellers behave. The book has minimal "fluff" in it and a lot of the insights in it are highly applicable, right away. I highly recommend this book if a lot of your deals are slipping through the cracks and you don't understand why.

MEDDIC Book Review from Laz Garcia
Laz Garcia
Account Executive, Autodesk

Great gift for anyone in tech sales!

Got this book for my husband who is a sales executive in the tech industry. He said it’s the best book he’s ever read which covers MEDDICC in the most comprehensible and relatable way.

A great book to purchase for someone you know who is passionate about enterprise sales

MEDDIC Book Review from Amazon
Amazon Review
Verified Purchase

An Authoritative Primer on the Greatest "Open Source" Sales Methodology

I've worked with some of the most experienced practitioners of MEDDICC in the SaaS sales industry and I can say that this is a comprehensive overview of what the methodology is. You'll dive into the history, explanation, and application of MEDDICC and walk away with immediately actionable things you can do in your current sales cycles. I highly recommend this for any seller, sales manager/leader, or aspiring salesperson. 5 stars.

MEDDIC Book Review from Amazon
Amazon Review
Verified Purchase

A great refresher of MEDDICC

This book would make a great introduction to the MEDDICC Sales process.

For me personally it was a fantastic refresher and has prompted me to re-evaluate how I've used some elements of the process in previous roles and how I'll role it out across my current teams.

I highly recommend this book to any Sales Leader who is looking to drive greater predictability in their Sales pipeline.

MEDDIC Book Review from Will Davidson
William Davidson
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Benefex

Very practical guide to improve your sales game

A true gem! The author describes thoroughly every part of the MEDDIC qualification methodology, uses real-world examples of his own sales-life to proof how it helps in the sales process and provides great examples of checklists that make it easier to apply it immediately.
I use this book daily to improve my execution in the sales process and will read this book over and over again.

MEDDIC Book Review from Amazon
Amazon Review
Verified Purchase

Rise from Good to Elite

All sales folks should read this book... Whether you are an individual contributor or a.manager, this book guides you on how to control your deals and sales pipeline. Andy White perfectly lays out the process with immaculate details. Adopt these principles to your sales process and you will grow from a "good" seller to an "elite" seller.

MEDDIC Book Review from Kiran Mathew
Kiran Mathew
Account Executive, Branch

Thank you

Hi Andy, recently finished your book and wanted to say thank you! I found your book when looking for something to read along with a member of my sales team that is underperforming. I've leveraged MEDDICC from my PTC days and this was a great reinforcement of the methodology for me, and I am already seeing it's impact on my rep's qualification activity. I'm hoping to have a few more team members read it as well since our engagement with the team at Force Management has been put on hold due to the pandemic. Thanks again for capturing the message in an entertaining format!! Cheers, Jason

MEDDIC Book Review from Jason Silva
Jason Silva
Regional Sales Manager, MSC

A valuable resource for all sellers, no matter the experience.

As a novice that’s starting the journey to becoming elite this book provides an incredible foundation. Highly recommended for beginners and seasoned sellers alike.

MEDDIC Book Review from Jason Silva
Amazon Review
Verified Purchase

For anyone looking to learn more about MEDDICC and practical sales tips/examples

I've been seeking more knowledge about MEDDICC recently and after reading a couple of books on the subject found this to be the most complete version by far. Andy does a great job describing the basics and also sharing practical tips and examples throughout. This is a terrific resource for both ICs and leaders. I've already shared many of the concepts in this book with my current company + sales team, all of which has been received well. Thanks Andy for writing this book and providing resources such as the Go-Live Plan and Closing Checklist. You're helping reps and those in the sales profession up their game!

MEDDIC Book Review from Jason Silva
Kasey Frahm
Enterprise Account Executive, Entelo

It's finally synching in"

Best book I've read on MEDDICC and finally connected the dots. As a new front line VP, I consider this book as a mandatory reference guide that I will reference and use on my weekly team calls. Andy really brakes this down into a consumable and easily digestible format. If you're a sales leader or seller, buy this book - read it, take notes, implement it and continue to refer back to it. This is a tried and true approach to managing your sales process.

MEDDIC Book Review from Jason Silva
Amazon Review
Verified Purchase