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The Decision Criteria are the various criteria in which a decision to process your solution will be judged.


The Decision Criteria is the sets of principles, guidelines and requirements which an organization uses to make a decision.

Sometimes the Decision Criteria exists in a physical form where the customer has taken time to construct the specification of their requirements. However, more frequently the Decision Criteria will be an informal understanding across stakeholders.

An exception to this is, of course, if the customer has created criteria set out in an RFI or RFP process where the Decision Criteria plays a large part of the specification in which the seller will be asked to respond to.

It is important that sellers establish early on whether a Decision Criteria exists and if not they set about on the task of helping their customers to establish and articulate one.

Elite sellers know that influencing the Decision Criteria is one of the best strategies to help them take advantage of any competitive differentiation they have.

The Three Types of Decision Criteria

You can generally define the Decision Criteria into three different types:

  1. Technical – Does your solution technically meet the requirements to make it feasible for the requirements outlined?
  2. Economic – Matters relating to how viable your solution is from a perspective of finance, risk and efficiency.
  3. Relationship – How closely do the values and direction of the two organization’s align?

How important each part of the Decision Criteria is will depend on the organization you are selling to and which stakeholder inside of it you are dealing with. For example, the CTO/CIO is going to be vastly more interested in the technical, Decision Criteria than the CFO who is more likely to be interested in the Economic part of the Decision Criteria.

Within MEDDICC – The Book we dive into each type of the Decision Criteria in-depth, complete with strategies you can deploy to get on top and stay on top at every stage of the sales process.

Decision Criteria and your Sales Process

Summary Snapshot of in the sales process:

Summary of Decision Criteria

The Decision Criteria is a critical part of your customers Decision Process. Whether they have a Decision Criteria formalized you have to be involved it is imperative that you get your hands wrapped around it to understand and where possible influence it.

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