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Indico Data: Doubling Revenue and Slashing Sales Cycle by 30% 

Indico Data's strategic sales revolution with MEDDICC.



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"Our deals were averaging about $180K without professional services. But with MEDDPICC, we've not only tripled our average deal size but also cultivated a rapidly growing professional services wing.”

Bob More, Chief Revenue Officer at Indico Data

The Pain

Bob More, Chief Revenue Officer at Indico, steered the sales team of a company poised at a crucial juncture. Despite their innovative technology, they struggled in achieving significant market penetration. The reason? Their value proposition wasn’t addressing the ‘Implicated Pain’ of their target customers. This led to a disconnect that hindered Indico’s ability to fully penetrate the market and realize the potential of their groundbreaking AI solutions. A strategic shift was essential – one that focused on the challenges and pain points of their potential clients, in line with the MEDDICC framework's focus on Metrics and Implicated Pain.

"We were the experts at handling unstructured data, but somehow, that expertise wasn't translating into the market dominance we knew we could achieve.”

Indico wanted to win bigger, faster, and more often. To do so, they aimed to refine their sales methodology, significantly boost conversion rates, and secure larger deals, all within the framework of accelerated sales cycles. 

This strategic refinement was crucial under the leadership of Bob More, as the team faced the pressure to deliver significant results. The path to this became clear: MEDDPICC.

The Solution

The implementation of MEDDPICC at Indico was an operation marked by thorough planning and strategic execution. It embodied a 360-degree approach to enablement, ensuring every facet of the organization, from customer success to sales and professional services, was aligned with the MEDDICC methodology.

This rollout was designed for scalability and repeatability, ensuring efficiency in enablement across the board. Indico’s team members received comprehensive training through the MEDDPICC Masterclass, tailored to meet the needs of different roles within the company. 

"We embraced MEDDPICC not merely as a framework but as our ethos. Across all departments – from SDRs, customer success, leadership, to sales – MEDDPICC became the backbone of our operations. Our commitment was reflected in our investment in a diverse range of training programs, a mix of live and on-demand sessions, all characterized by high-quality content."

Under Bob More's guidance, Indico paired their MEDDPICC adoption with extensive work on Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP) and Ideal Partner Profiles (IPP). They were thus able to target a more specific set of companies, delving into the unique challenges and business processes of each. MEDDPICC's emphasis on Metrics, Implicated Pain, and Champion identification became instrumental in understanding their customers at a much deeper level, transforming their sales qualification and creating a repeatable, successful process.

The Results

By integrating MEDDPICC, the team at Indico’s approach to opportunities changed. They were to pinpoint deals that aligned not only with revenue objectives but also with broader strategic growth plans.

"Adopting MEDDICC meant we could discern more accurately which deals to pursue and the specific actions needed to advance them. This led to an enhanced win rate and an increase in the average size of the deals we closed. It was a strategic shift, deeply rooted in our Ideal Customer Profile (IPP) work, which allowed us to target not just any opportunity, but the right opportunities."

The adoption of MEDDICC at Indico not only addressed their most pressing sales challenges but also led to a remarkable 50% increase in conversion rates. 

"MEDDICC was pivotal in sharpening our focus on deals with the highest closure probability. This strategic alignment drastically improved our win rates. It was a clear demonstration of how addressing the core pain points in our sales process could yield significant results."

This shift had a profound emotional and cultural impact on the team at Indico. One specific story tells it all: their personal win rate soared from 30% to an impressive 70%. This success was mirrored across the team, fostering a more positive, winning culture within the organization.

"Our team's morale has been incredibly boosted. Investing in MEDDICC was not just a strategic decision; it was an investment in our people. The sense of achievement, the improved job satisfaction has been phenomenal."

Indico's strategic application of MEDDPICC principles led to a remarkable 140% increase in their Average Selling Price (ASP). This was a direct result of their ability to align their solutions with the pains of their customers, quantified through MEDDPICC’s Metrics component.

This went beyond just improving Indico’s profitability; it fundamentally enhanced the way customers experienced their solutions.

"We shifted our focus from merely selling products to providing solutions that genuinely addressed our customers' pain points. This customer-centric approach has not only led to increased sales but also to building lasting relationships with our clients. Our solutions now offer a clear path to enhanced profitability and risk mitigation, making us partners in our customers' success."

The implementation of the MEDDPICC framework at Indico transformed their sales efficiency, resulting in a significant reduction of the sales cycle by over 25%: from about a year to just 7 months.

Bob More attributed much of this acceleration to a proactive approach in leveraging MEDDPICC's key process elements. By thoroughly understanding each component of the framework, especially the importance of partnering with qualified champions, Indico was able to streamline their sales process effectively.

"We utilized MEDDPICC to dissect and understand our sales cycle at a granular level. This deep dive enabled us to identify and engage with the right champions early in the process, leading to faster deal progression. It wasn't just about moving quickly; it was about moving smartly, with a clear focus on the right opportunities and the right people within those opportunities. Our deals were averaging about $180K without professional services. But with MEDDPICC, we've not only tripled our average deal size but also cultivated a rapidly growing professional services wing.”

Indico's collaboration with MEDDICC was a deliberate choice to infuse a culture of strategic sales throughout the organization. 

"MEDDICC enabled us to build a more robust, value-driven approach to our deals. We’ve created a culture of finding out what you don’t know, we have regular deal reviews where there’s an openness to improving and being better than you were yesterday, which we use mOS as the catalyst and key driving tool for.” 

"Our experience with MEDDICC illuminated that the heart of each deal's value lies in its strategic fit. This isn't just about the immediate profitability of a deal. It's about how well it aligns with our long-term objectives, our ideal customer profile (IPP), and our path to sustained profitability. In essence, MEDDICC has taught us to look beyond the surface, to see deals not just as transactions but as partnerships that contribute to our overarching vision."