The only thing debated more than MEDDIC, MEDDICC, and MEDDPICC is whether MEDDIC is a Sales Methodology, Sales Framework or Sales Process

A sales methodology is a set of guiding principles that an organization uses to define how they go to market with their solution.

Sales methodologies are often confused with sales processes, which tend to be more focused on the steps and stages of a deal. In contrast, a sales methodology is more in tune with aligning to the customer, which means sales methodologies usually focus on messaging, stakeholder management, and value realization.

Based on the above definition, MEDDIC is not a Sales Methodology.

Why Can’t We Call MEDDICC a Methodology?

In Enterprise Sales having a methodology is a key element of value selling it enables sellers to articulate the value of their solution in a consistent manner that resonates with the right stakeholders at the right time.

MEDDICC is a Qualification Framework. It helps sellers to qualify the deals they are in and to identify gaps or opportunities that will lead to the acceleration of progress.

It it dangerous to refer to MEDDICC as a methodology because it is unlikely that an organization will fully embrace more than one methodology, meaning that either MEDDICC or the actual methodology you use is going to be cut short in some places making neither full effectively which could be worse than not having any frameworks or methodologies in place at all.

Always Combine MEDDICC With A Sales Methodology

MEDDICC is most effective when it is combined with a sales methodology.

In enterprise sales, the methodology is Batman, leading the attack, and MEDDICC is Robin, the trusty sidekick keeping everything on track.

The sales methodology will take the lead on how your organization goes to market, the style of messaging, and whom you talk to and how you talk to them.

How to Choose the Right Methodology for your organization

There are several sales methodologies to choose from. I was able to list eight below, just from memory:

1. Force Management
2. SPIN Selling
3. The Sandler Selling Method
4. The Challenger Sale
5. Target Account Selling
6. Value Selling
7. Miller Heiman
8. Proactive Selling

There are three things you should do when selecting a sales methodology for your organization:

1. Find the Methodology that Best Suits your Go-To-Market

As this is a book aimed towards the enterprise sale, I will assume we are only talking about sales methodologies for enterprise organizations.

Which sales methodology is right for you will depend on your solution and customer type.

If you are selling a mature type of solution where your customers already understand their problem and know how you can help solve them, then the majority of sales methodologies will work for your organization.

However, if the customer doesn’t understand their problem or how your solution can help, or if they don’t even know they have a problem, then the type of sales methodology becomes a more detailed decision.

This means that when you engage with prospective providers of sales methodologies, you should be looking for them to understand your organization, the needs of your customers, and how your value proposition helps.

2. Ensure it is Rigorously Implemented

For a sales methodology to be effective, it must be rigorously implemented in your organization.

The best sales methodology implementation I’ve seen looked like this:

Discovery Process – methodology provider went deep to understand the pains, goals, and challenges (they practice what they preach!).

Workshops – They surface what they have learned in workshops with key stakeholders within the organization to flesh out their understanding of the proposition and how it should be capsulized into the methodology.

Delivery – This is your traditional training course. Best in person with lots of practical exercises.

Embedding – The most important and yet most overlooked part of any methodology implementation is ensuring it is applied consistently and reinforced regularly.

The methodology must form a part of a universal language that guides your organization’s sales activities, and it must be supported throughout the business from top to bottom and, in particular, with middle managers of whom are often under-invested in despite them having the most significant impact on the adoption rate.

Ensure It Is MEDDICC Compatible

The world’s fastest-growing and most successful enterprise solution providers use MEDDICC to complement their sales methodology. If your sales methodology forces you to revert away from MEDDICC, the chances are it’s doing so at the detriment of your ability to qualify.

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