MEDDIC, No Champion, No Deal

The first C in MEDDIC was always about the Champion. As you no doubt know, MEDDIC evolved to include a second C which most commonly stands for Competition. Most organization’s now implement MEDDICC with two C’s.

But the first C is one of, if not the most important part of MEDDICC. As the legends over at SMG – Sales MEDDIC Group, Jack Napoli, and Steve Amman say:

“No Champion, no deal. Big Champion, Big deal!”

Jack and Steve at SMG

no champion in meddic no deal
No Champion, No Deal. Big Champion, Big Deal!

Put simply, if your Champion is missing, or you don’t have a Champion then you are unlikely to have a deal. Whereas, by contrast if you have a ‘BIG’ Champion, meaning a well qualified Champion with the all important three qualifying criteria of a Champion of:

  1. Having Power and Influence
  2. Be Selling Internally for You
  3. Have a Vested Interest in Your Success

If you are wondering what qualifies a Champion, then check out our brief overview here.