What is MEDDICC?

MEDDICC is a qualification framework uniquely suited to enterprise sales organizations. Selling to enterprise organizations usually requires engagement with multiple stakeholders and often will require a complex solution to meet their needs. For this purpose MEDDICC is ideally suited as a qualification framework.

MEDDICC MEDDIC and MEDDPICC are sales qualification frameworks
Overlaying MEDDPICC over your deals can act as a doctor’s diagnosis of what is wrong.

People often confuse MEDDICC or it’s other variations of MEDDIC and MEDDPICC as being sales methodologies. MEDDICC is not a sales methodology, it is a sales qualification framework.

Consdiering MEDDICC / MEDDIC / or MEDDPICC as a sales methodology is a dangerous mistake to make as MEDDICC is no replacement for a sales methodology and without having one you will be leaving value on the table.

“MEDDICC is the straightforward model to remember, and the most elite sellers in the world are all doing some version of MEDDICC” because they understand that there is depth inside it. The value doesn’t come from it being simple; it comes from the massive extent of the qualification.”

John Kaplan, President – Force Management