9 January 23

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More Than a Checklist: How Your Organization Can Maximize MEDDPICC Potential

As the great Robert De Niro tells us in A Bronx Tale: “the saddest thing in life is wasted talent. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don’t do the right thing, nothing happens. But guess what? When you do right, good things happen.”  

In the sales world, this can be attributed to many organizations and talented salespeople, who never fully maximized their selling ability

To realize how great you can be in any profession, a strategy, a framework and a way of measuring yourself to become better are absolutely essential.

Let’s take two salespeople who are in the industry:


  • Joe Bloggs is a hugely charismatic and talented salesperson who thrives in sales meetings but goes into them without a framework or way of approaching the deal.

  • John Doe is a steady and efficient salesperson who goes into sales meetings with MEDDPICC-qualified customers, embodying a MEDDIC mindset in his work.


Guess who wins the better deals? It is John Doe by a country mile.


The biggest obstacle salespeople face in the industry right now is poor leads, with almost half of sales reps saying the amount of leads and their quality of them is their top challenge

MEDDPICC is not just a checklist that you tick off as you work through a deal - it is a way of framing the way you approach deals. It allows you to correctly qualify the deals you engage with, resulting in more qualified leads that you can engage with more easily. 

A truly qualified lead is someone who is likely to become your customer - this becomes crucial when you are able to measure the quality of your potential customers, as you can adjust how much time and resources you put into each of them. 

MEDDPICC can help you revolutionize your organization and own career by giving you a sales framework to help refine and qualify - as the famous saying goes: “nobody regrets qualifying out.” 

As well as qualifying the potential customer, MEDDPICC gives you the superpower to have the pain points, the solutions, an understanding of internal decision-making processes, and more. 

Whether it is your own career, your team, or your whole business, MEDDICC offers the MEDDPICC Masterclass which allows you to get certified in the way you approach the sales framework - we also have recently released the Leadership & Enablement Program, built specifically to aid you to implement MEDDPICC in your organization. 

Before you leave, remember this: 67% of lost deals are due to the salesperson not having correctly qualified their lead

The results of poor qualification and a lack of methodology in your sales teams can have a debilitating effect on your sales pipeline, costing your business revenue and profitable deals at every turn. 

So, are you going to waste your sales talent, or are you going to do the right thing and begin applying a tried, tested, and trusted sales methodology to your business? 

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Cameron Cameron Dhaliwal is Content Manager at MEDDICC, and is responsible for articles, blogs, PR, and SEO. He resides in Sheffield and is known for having an even more incoherent accent, thanks to his Derbyshire upbringing.

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