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Mastering MEDDPICC through the 100-Hour Rule: A Pathway to World-Class Sales Enablement
Cameron 4 min
Cameron 02 June 2023

Mastering MEDDPICC through the 100-Hour Rule: A Pathway to World-Class Sales Enablement


The world of sales is ever-changing and constantly shifting, a dynamic environment where the needle of success can be shifted with innovative and unique methods to selling. MEDDPICC sits amongst these at the top, using a detailed and statistical approach to empower sales teams success. But how do we truly master a methodology like this? Enter the 100-hour rule, a principle that suggests we can become a master in a skill with just 100 hours of dedicated and focused practice. This blog post is going to look at how you can apply the 100-hour rule to your MEDDPICC enablement and adoption, putting you on the fast-track towards world-class selling.

Understanding the 100-Hour Rule

The 100-hour rule came about as a counter-argument to the well-known 10,000-hour rule of mastery. This rule, backed by research and studies, puts the case forward that 100 hours of focused study and practice can make a significant difference in one’s skill level. You might be asking how this apply to MEDDPICC adoption and sales enablement

Breaking Down MEDDPICC Enablement

MEDDPICC - an acronym for Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Process, Decision Criteria, Paper Process, Identify Pain, Champion, and Competition - is an open-source framework that helps sales and wider go-to-market teams focus their efforts effectively and close deals more efficiently.

However, implementing, adopting, and mastering MEDDPICC can be challenging. It requires more than just understanding the acronym; it needs a deep knowledge of each component, how they interrelate, and how to apply them in different sales situations. The sales world is full of complex and intricate deals that need a personalized and customized approach, and when MEDDPICC is implemented correctly, it can massively increase the potentiality of success. 

The Road to World Class Sales 

When teams implement the 100-hour rule to their MEDDPICC enablement, they are 40% there. With a combination of deal reviews, 1-to-1s, QBRs and other deal-focused discussion sessions with MEDDPICC as the common language, you have a solidified pathway to the top percentile of sales teams. 

The teams that level up their sales velocity and organization through MEDDPICC are not the ones that ‘know’ MEDDPICC - it’s the ones that get MEDDPICC embedded to the point where it is second nature, something that is lived and breathed throughout the business.

Applying the 100-Hour Rule to MEDDPICC Enablement

Combining the 100-hour rule with your MEDDPICC enablement can rapidly enhance your efficiency in learning and proficiency in applying the methodology. It requires a focused, dedicated and effective learning of each MEDDPICC element, applying it into your sales process and using deal reviews to level up this learning. 

Here are some ways to utilize the 100-hour rule:

Regular Deal Reviews and Feedback

Regardless of what you are trying to become better at, you will often need regular feedback. It’s the crux of becoming better in anything, and this goes hand in hand with MEDDPICC enablement. Having regular sales feedback and deal reviews can allow you to reflect on the application of MEDDPICC and see where it is strong or weak.

Building Trust Within Your Sales Team

When you go through the 100-hour rule, your sales team must have a sense of trust and be open to sharing weaknesses and vulnerabilities when it comes to MEDDPICC. In order to grow and level-up, shortcomings must be addressed and built upon, not hidden. Trust utilized with deal reviews and 1–to-1s can fortify the pathway to fully embedding MEDDPICC within a sales team.

Go-To-Market Incorporation

Having the 100-hour rule successfully applied requires the language to expand not just across the sales team, but the wider GTM teams too. This embeds MEDDPICC as a common language right through customer success, marketing and beyond to ensure the language is used in all facets of deals and customers. 

Achieving World-Class Sales Enablement with MEDDPICC

When correctly applied, the 100-hour rule can put your foot down on the pedal of MEDDPICC adoption and lead to a more engagement, communicative and effective sales team. What’s the result of this? An enhanced sales enablement that not only contributes directly to your bottom line of revenue, but gives your organization a world-class sales team.

Next Steps in Your MEDDPICC Journey

Begin your journey toward MEDDPICC mastery by using our resources; you can find comprehensive guides, articles and expert insights that will help you enable this powerful sales and GTM methodology in your organization. 

Ultimately, the journey to mastering MEDDPICC is one of commitment, constant learning, and adaptation. But with the 100-hour rule in your toolbox, you’re well-equipped to accelerate your progress and reach new heights in your sales performance.

Ready to start your journey with the 100-hour rule and MEDDPICC? Get in touch with us today and look at how we can embed MEDDPICC within you, your team and your organization.


What is the 100-hour rule in sales?

The 100-hour rule suggests focused practice for 100 hours to enhance proficiency in a skill, such as the MEDDPICC sales methodology.

How does the 100-hour rule apply to MEDDPICC?

The rule can accelerate MEDDPICC mastery through dedicated practice, role-playing scenarios, and continuous feedback.

Can I apply the 100-hour rule individually or as a team?

Yes, the 100-hour rule is versatile and can be used both individually and in teams for sales improvement.




Cameron Dhaliwal serves as the Content Manager at MEDDICC, with a rich history in regional journalism, public relations at PokerStars, and digital marketing agencies. Specializing in content creation and strategy, Cameron's expertise spans media, technology, and sales enablement. His work at regional news outlets laid the foundation for his passion in Public Relations, which was further honed during his time at PokerStars. Now at MEDDICC, he leverages his diverse skill set to optimize sales and GTM content.

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