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A Guide to mOS, the MEDDICC Operating System
Cameron 4 min
Cameron 20 November 2023

A Guide to mOS, the MEDDICC Operating System


The MEDDIC framework has long been a cornerstone for driving success in complex sales environments. But what if you could take the MEDDPICC methodology and supercharge it with a purpose-built platform designed to put theory into practice? Enter the MEDDICC Operating System, known as mOS. 


The Unique Value Proposition of mOS

While many sales tools act merely as data storage solutions, mOS goes several steps further. Developed by the experts behind MEDDICC, mOS is engineered to provide actionable insights that can significantly impact your sales strategies and outcomes. But how does this actually work?

Thousands of hours have been invested in creating an intelligent scoring process that evolves based on the data it collects. This means that as you input information about deals, stakeholders, and other MEDDPICC elements, the algorithm works in the background to provide you with insights but also does the heavy lifting by analzying and scoring the data for you. This automated intelligence is like having an expert analyst on your team who works tirelessly to ensure your sales strategies are fortified by solid data, allowing you to do what you do best and focus on winning deals.

Furthermore, mOS is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing CRM systems, like Salesforce, to offer a more holistic view of your sales pipeline. This ensures that you have all the information you need at your fingertips, analyzed and interpreted in a way that can drive better sales decisions.

So, with mOS, you're not just storing data; you're transforming it into strategic insights that empower you to work more efficiently and effectively.


The MEDDICC Scoring Algorithm: Reducing Your Sales Team’s Guesswork

The MEDDICC scoring algorithm is a dynamic, real-time guide for your sales team. Unlike traditional scoring systems that require manual updates and constant oversight, mOS's algorithm is designed to react instantaneously to any changes or updates made on an opportunity. This automated recalibration means your sales team can spend more time engaging with clients and less time wasted on admin. The algorithm’s agility ensures your sales strategy is dynamic and responsive as the market you work in, providing a competitive edge that is both savvy and sophisticated yet easy to use. 

But what truly elevates this feature is its ability to spotlight gaps and areas that need immediate focus. As you update an opportunity, the algorithm recalibrates the scores and immediately pinpoints areas where you might be lacking, whether it's in engaging the Economic Buyer or not testing your Contact before scoring them as a Champion. 

By offering this level of immediate, actionable data, the MEDDPICC scoring algorithm empowers your sales team to work proactively rather than reactively, ensuring that you're always one step ahead in your sales process.


Data-Driven Insights: The Future of Sales Strategy with mOS and Winni

While mOS promises the potential for actionable, data-driven insights, it's essential to clarify that this feature is part of the platform's future roadmap. This exciting development is 'COMING SOON' and aims to integrate Winni, MEDDICC's AI tool, into mOS, transforming the platform into an even more powerful asset for your sales strategy. Winni's integration will herald a new era of predictive sales analytics, where the platform's insights can lead to more informed decisions, faster sales cycles, and unprecedented growth in deal sizes and revenue.

Winni is designed to optimize your sales process by providing tailored value propositions based on customer inputs. Whether it's identifying pain points or understanding customer goals, Winni's AI capabilities will offer you the most relevant solutions through the MEDDPICC framework. The future of mOS is focused on intelligent data utilization that can revolutionize your sales velocity, deal sizes and revenue outcomes.

So, while the platform is evolving, the integration of Winni aims to make mOS a powerful tool that not only stores your sales data but also interprets it to provide you with a strategic edge. The goal is to offer you insights like knowing that a 90% faster deal closure rate occurs when the Economic Buyer is engaged within the first week, thereby giving you a data-backed pathway to accelerate your sales and achieve better results.


mDB: The Metrics Database

The introduction of the Metrics Database (mDB) within mOS is nothing short of revolutionary. mDB serves as a comprehensive repository that empowers GTM teams to align their value propositions more effectively. The Metrics Database is designed to work with the MEDDICC Metrics framework (M1s - M3s), providing a granular and predictive analysis to help sales teams prioritize and strategize more effectively. The inclusion of these metrics allows for a nuanced understanding of market trends, competitive positioning, and customer satisfaction, thereby enabling sales teams to craft highly targeted strategies that resonate with their customers' needs.

Whether you're a sales team looking to deliver tailored solutions or a product team aiming to fine-tune your offerings, mDB offers invaluable insights that can significantly impact your strategies.


Salesforce Integration: A Seamless CRM Experience

The integration of Salesforce into mOS marks a significant milestone, offering a seamless experience for users who can now experience the automatic population of Salesforce contacts, opportunities, and companies directly into mOS using our two-way integration. This integration enhances the data-driven approach to sales and GTM qualification, thereby amplifying your potential for success. Your workflow efficiency will be higher than ever after this integration in your deal process, reducing the time and margin for error by cutting out any manual data entry.


The Dashboard: Your Sales World at a Glance

The mOS dashboard offers a panoramic view of all your opportunities, providing a snapshot that can be invaluable for sales professionals juggling multiple deals. You can now go beyond just tracking your opportunities, to understanding them, analyzing them, and strategizing on how to convert them into closed-won.


Stakeholder Maps and Champion Pages: Your Deal Navigator

Understanding who's who in a deal is crucial. mOS offers features like Stakeholder Maps and Champion Pages, designed to help you identify key players in the deal and understand where the gaps lie. These features serve as your navigational aids in the deal, helping you qualify the right people and reminding you where you need to focus your efforts.


Purpose-Built for MEDDPICC Mastery

If you've invested time and effort into mastering MEDDPICC and earning your certification, mOS offers the perfect next step. It's a purpose-built platform designed to store all your MEDDICC-related information. Unlike generic CRM add-ons, mOS is tailored to the specific needs of MEDDPICC practitioners. With over 185 hours of UI and UX design and more than 80 research interviews conducted, mOS is built to suit a wide array of businesses, people, and processes. It's not just a tool; it's an ecosystem designed to communicate deal certainty in the most effective way possible.


More Than a Sales Tool

The MEDDICC Operating System (mOS) is not just another sales tool; it's a comprehensive ecosystem designed to elevate your revenue. With its unique scoring algorithm, the revolutionary Metrics Database (mDB), seamless Salesforce integration, and a host of other features, mOS offers a holistic solution for sales professionals. Welcome to the future of sales, powered by mOS.



Cameron Dhaliwal serves as the Content Manager at MEDDICC, with a rich history in regional journalism, public relations at PokerStars, and digital marketing agencies. Specializing in content creation and strategy, Cameron's expertise spans media, technology, and sales enablement. His work at regional news outlets laid the foundation for his passion in Public Relations, which was further honed during his time at PokerStars. Now at MEDDICC, he leverages his diverse skill set to optimize sales and GTM content.

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