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MEDDPICC & The Customer Journey: How to Optimize Your Customer Engagement
Cameron 4 min
Cameron 21 April 2023

MEDDPICC & The Customer Journey: How to Optimize Your Customer Engagement


As a sales or Go-To-Market pro who wants to help their organization strive for revenue and growth, ensuring your customers are happy and satisfied is the be-all and end-all.

Focusing on the customer journey and each touchpoint along the way is a trait of organizations that are not just successful but always striving to be better. 

Leveraging the MEDDPICC framework in your customer journey can allow you to map out and optimize your customer engagement. In this article, I will break down how MEDDPICC relates to the customer journey and how you can align your sales and GTM concepts to achieve maximum success along your customer journey. 

Understanding Why the Customer Journey Is Key

When your customer goes on their journey with the end destination of becoming a buyer, they have various interactions with your organization. By fully understanding this journey and knowing where these touchpoints are, you can hone in on engagement opportunities and create personalized, customized, and more interactive customer experience. 

Did you know that 92% of customers and prospects expect their customer journey to be personalized? If you are not doing this today, you are lagging behind your competitors who are.

A Detailed Look at a MEDDPICC Customer Journey

As a customer goes through their journey, they go through various stages and phases. Each one of these presents a unique opportunity for engagement for an organization. The organizations, GTM teams, and salespeople that best recognize these hotspots will be able to optimize their customer’s experience - this will lead to more successful deals, higher revenue, and a company ready to level up.

Benefits of a Mapped-Out Customer Journey

By having a clear vision of the customer journey, you can begin to build an enhanced experience. This results in happier and more loyal customers, more satisfied sales and GTM team members, and opportunities for repeat business. The stats have shown us that a personalized and optimized customer journey not only levels up sales and boosts deal size, but you can begin to Identify Pain at a higher level and seek opportunities for more involvement. 

Recent studies have shown that 62% of buyers would stop their loyalty if they were delivered an impersonal customer journey, showing how critical it is for an initial sale and capturing repeat business.


How to Enhance Your Customer Journey With MEDDPICC

The customer journey and the MEDDPICC framework are distinct concepts in sales and marketing. Together, they can become intertwined with building a clearer understanding of your customers. 

The customer journey is when a consumer goes from being aware of a product or company to becoming a loyal and repeat customer.

To relate the customer journey to the MEDDPICC framework, first think about how we can align the customer journey with the key elements of MEDDPICC. 

  • Awareness: Using Metrics, you can apply a data-driven approach to how customers interact with your organization. Looking at key data points like reach, impressions, engagement, and more can give you objective feedback on how well you are building awareness with consumers. 

  • Consideration: Here is where Implicate the Pain and Decision Criteria come into play. By identifying pain points that a prospect is facing, you can create a personalized marketing approach that specifies the solution. By understanding the Decision Criteria, you can gain leverage on Competition and position your offering ahead of others during consideration. 

  • Decision: Understanding the Decision Process and Economic Buyer elements is crucial in this stage. Knowing how the prospective organization goes about its decision-making process allows you to maneuver and navigate around any internal dynamics in the company. Identifying the Economic Buyer will enable you to successfully engage with individuals or groups with the final say on purchasing. 

  • Purchase: Champion and Competition are the essential MEDDPICC elements in this phase. Having an internal advocate for your solution in the customer organization is pivotal, and this is where your Champion will come into play. They can influence the decision-making process to sway toward your product. At the same time, Competition allows you to keep on your toes and pivot your offering to the top when it comes to other businesses vying for the deal.

  • Retention: Applying Metrics and Decision Criteria is paramount in this stage. Customer success comes to the forefront, so looking at metrics like Churn Rate, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), and Net Promoter Score (NPS) is vital to understand how satisfied and loyal your customers are. Revisiting the Decision Criteria is a wise tip to ensure you continue to hit your customer’s needs and expectations and can adjust if you veer away from them.

  • Advocacy: While many tie advocacy into retention for the customer journey stages, we have broken it away to apply MEDDPICC elements. Champion and Metrics are back at the forefront here, as a happy and satisfied customer can quickly become an advocate for your organization, helping you build out case studies and testimonials and referring your solution. Word-of-mouth marketing is still one of the biggest and best marketing strategies available! To measure your advocacy efforts, you can pinpoint referral rates, social media tags, and mentions and reviews of your solution - doing so will help you analyze your advocacy efforts and optimize where needed. 

By tying your customer journey into MEDDPICC, you add an analytical and data-driven approach to your customer journey, spot areas of weakness, and ultimately drive up revenue through a more effective sales process. 

Mapping out and optimizing customer engagement using the MEDDPICC framework is a powerful mechanism for driving deals and improving customer experience. 

Want to learn further how to enhance your organization through the MEDDPICC framework? Get in touch with us here and begin your journey of customer journey optimization!




Why is the customer journey vital in sales and marketing?

The customer journey helps pinpoint engagement opportunities, create personalized experiences, drive successful deals, and boost revenue.


How does MEDDPICC relate to the customer journey?

Aligning the MEDDPICC elements with the customer journey stages allows for optimized customer engagement, an improved sales process, and a data-driven approach to be better.


How can MEDDPICC enhance the customer journey?

Using MEDDPICC elements at each stage helps address pain points, find internal advocates, and gauge the effectiveness of GTM and sales efforts.


What benefits does MEDDPICC offer when mapping the customer journey?

Mapping the customer journey with MEDDPICC leads to improved customer experiences, increased satisfaction, and loyalty, boosted revenue, and more successful deals.


How do I measure the success of my customer journey optimization with MEDDPICC?

Track relevant metrics at each stage, such as reach, conversion rates, churn rate, and customer lifetime value (CLV), to identify weaknesses and learn how to improve them.



Cameron Dhaliwal serves as the Content Manager at MEDDICC, with a rich history in regional journalism, public relations at PokerStars, and digital marketing agencies. Specializing in content creation and strategy, Cameron's expertise spans media, technology, and sales enablement. His work at regional news outlets laid the foundation for his passion in Public Relations, which was further honed during his time at PokerStars. Now at MEDDICC, he leverages his diverse skill set to optimize sales and GTM content.

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