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MEDDPICC as the Full Customer Lifecycle Framework: Introduction
Robin 4 min
Robin 24 January 2023

MEDDPICC as the Full Customer Lifecycle Framework: Introduction


One thing that we at MEDDICC love about MEDDPICC is how versatile it is. It works not only as a qualification framework for sellers, but it can become your full lifecycle framework. This is why, as part of MEDDICON, MEDDICC CEO Andy Whyte and CRO Pim Roelofsen presented us with another installation of their MEDMEN series: How to embed MEDDPICC into your Customer Lifecycle. This inspired a new series as part of MEDDICC Media, to spread the word about how you can implement MEDDPICC at different stages of the customer lifecycle. 

Like a champagne bottle being popped to launch an event, this article will kick off this new series. We will look at how MEDDPICC can be implemented at different stages of the customer lifecycle by each member of the Go To Market team. 

Does everyone have a glass? Before we get into the details, it’s important to understand a few key questions.

  • What is the Customer Lifecycle?

  • Why is MEDDPICC essential to getting the most out of it?

  • How can you apply MEDDPICC to it?

If you’re reading this article, you probably already have an idea of what the Customer Lifecycle is, but a refresher never hurts. When we talk about the customer lifecycle, we’re referring to:MEDDPICC as the Full Customer Lifecycle Framework_InBlog Graphic - Pie Chart 2ndOpt (1)

Each stage of the customer lifecycle involves different members of the GTM team. Some of them are engaged in it for longer than others, but each is essential to the overall process, and they all engage in the process differently. This means that the way they talk about it equally varies. As an example, SDRs are using something like BANT, while CS may use GAINSIGHT. When this happens, it means the entire GTM team are speaking different languages. That’s where MEDDPICC comes in. MEDDPICC can act as a common language, so the GTM team can work together to answer the three questions that concern every single member of the team. Those three questions are as follows:

  • What value do we deliver?

  • To whom? Who are the stakeholders?

  • How do they buy? What is their process?

While the value may appear obvious, it is important to remember that value can mean different things to different people. You can solve the same pain in one organisation across two or three departments, but the value they feel from solving that pain varies. If you take the same solution to the CFO as the CMO, you can expect them to have different reactions. One example Andy gives is, “If you say to the CMO, ‘We’re going to make your ad-spend more efficient,’ they’ll think if you take that same information to the CFO, that means the CFO will cut their budget.”

Using MEDDPICC empowers everyone to be on the same page, and allows you to sync and empower your team across the three fields addressed by the above questions. How? We’ll break in down into the three fundamental pillars of driving business with customers: Value, Stakeholders and Process;

You can address value with…

I M Dc (Implicate the Pain, Metrics, Decision Criteria)

  • What pain does your solution solve?

  • What value do your customers get from solving the pain?

  • How do you do it?

You can understand the stakeholders with…

Ch E Co (Champion, Economic Buyer, Competition)

  • Who is typically your Champion persona? What do they value?

  • Who is typically your Economic Buyer persona? What do they value?

  • Who is typically your Competition?

You can tackle their process with…

Dp P (Decision Process, Paper Process)

  • What does the buying process typically look like?

  • How can we support the efficient acceleration of the process?

In the coming weeks, we’ll go into detail on how MEDDPICC can work as a common language to bring all three of the questions we’ve discussed together for the entire GTM team. To give you a little taste of what’s to come, we will look at:

  • AE

  • SDR

  • SE

  • Partner

  • Marketing

  • Product

  • CS

  • RevOps

And, because we love to spoil you, the first instalment on AEs is already live, and you can read it here. We hope you’re as excited about this as we are. Cheers! 

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Robin Daly is Content Editor at MEDDICC, and is responsible for different long-form pieces as part of MEDDICC Media. She is based in Glasgow, where she frequently drinks too much coffee and tries to justify her stack of unread books she keeps adding to.

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