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Commanding the Deal Review: Leadership's Key to MEDDPICC Mastery
Cameron 4 min
Cameron 18 July 2023

Commanding the Deal Review: Leadership's Key to MEDDPICC Mastery


Leadership is the catalyst that can convert a simple sales methodology into a transformative growth strategy for an organization. As your sales team ventures into the journey of mastering MEDDPICC, one aspect that demands the attention of leadership is the regular deal review cadence. 

This third article in our Deal Review series will outline the pivotal role of sales leadership in establishing and adhering to a consistent deal review rhythm, the benefits of this practice, and its potential to embed a MEDDPICC-centric culture.


Leadership and the Deal Review Cadence: A Pivoting Pair

A regular deal review cadence is not merely a scheduling exercise - it's a commitment to fostering an environment of continuous learning, improvement, and growth. However, the establishment of this rhythm doesn't occur from anywhere. It requires the active involvement and commitment of sales leadership.

Leaders set the tone for their teams, and their engagement in deal reviews signals the importance of this practice. By committing to a regular deal review cadence, leadership not only facilitates the ongoing refinement of the MEDDPICC methodology but also reinforces its value, leading by example.


Deal Reviews: A Leadership Practice for World-Class GTM Performance

Regular deal reviews are more than just a tactic to boost sales performance; they are a strategic leadership practice. When leadership embraces deal reviews, they signal a commitment to transparency, collaboration, and continuous improvement. This commitment doesn't go unnoticed.

Top-tier sales organizations recognize the value of regular deal reviews, and their commitment to this practice positions them in the top 5% of the industry. Embracing deal reviews as a leadership practice reflects a growth-oriented mindset, an attribute that distinguishes top-performing sales organizations.


Transforming Culture Through Consistent Deal Reviews

Beyond their immediate value in strategizing and decision-making, deal reviews have a more profound, transformative potential: they can drive cultural change.

When deal reviews are conducted consistently, they instill a culture of introspection, accountability, and learning. They become a common language through which the team understands and navigates the sales process. The more deal reviews are integrated into the regular rhythm of the team, the more MEDDPICC becomes embedded in the sales team's DNA.

Over time, regular deal reviews make MEDDPICC second nature to the team. The different components of the methodology—Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Criteria, Decision Process, Identify Pain, Champion, and Competition—become an intuitive part of how the team approaches sales. This shift is not just a change in operations—it's a transformation of the team's culture.


Leadership's Commitment to the Journey of MEDDPICC Mastery

In conclusion, the leadership's role in establishing and committing to a regular deal review cadence is critical. The consistent practice of deal reviews not only accelerates the team's journey toward mastering MEDDPICC but also nurtures a culture centered on the methodology. This dual power of deal reviews—to enhance skills and transform culture—is a testament to the transformative potential of leadership's commitment to the deal review cadence.

Leadership's role in this journey doesn't end with the establishment of the deal review rhythm. It extends to fostering a culture of learning, encouraging the team to embrace the MEDDPICC methodology, and guiding them toward mastery. The path to mastery is a leadership journey as much as it is a team journey, and leadership's commitment to the deal review cadence is a decisive step in this journey.




The 100-Hour Rule proposes that consistent, dedicated practice over 100 hours is key to achieving mastery in any skill. This rule is significant for acquiring and mastering a complex sales methodology like MEDDPICC.


By dedicating an hour weekly to deal reviews, your team can clock in approximately 44 hours over a year (considering around 44 working weeks). 


Deal reviews and the 100-Hour Rule align seamlessly. Deal reviews serve as a feedback mechanism, helping to identify and rectify gaps in the application of the MEDDPICC methodology. 



Cameron Dhaliwal serves as the Content Manager at MEDDICC, with a rich history in regional journalism, public relations at PokerStars, and digital marketing agencies. Specializing in content creation and strategy, Cameron's expertise spans media, technology, and sales enablement. His work at regional news outlets laid the foundation for his passion in Public Relations, which was further honed during his time at PokerStars. Now at MEDDICC, he leverages his diverse skill set to optimize sales and GTM content.

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