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Not All MEDDIC is Equal
Robin 4 min
Robin 21 November 2023

Not All MEDDIC is Equal



MEDDIC the framework has been around since 1996. This means that over the years, great sellers have been able to master it and spread the word across organizations. But, because of human nature, this means that no two people’s understandings of MEDDIC are the same. Part of this is because the MEDDIC framework is open source, so anyone can use it. 

What that translates to is that there are a lot of people out there who believe or claim that they “know MEDDIC”. 

But what does that mean?

Does it mean:

  • They heard about it in the ‘90s and haven’t changed how they use it since?
  • They read a blog about it, so they think they have a decent grasp of it?
  • They learned about it, but have never actually used it?

Evidently, not all MEDDIC is equal. In a sea of voices talking about MEDDIC, it can be difficult to know who you should listen to. As MEDDIC rises in prominence, the number of voices only increases as people jump on the bandwagon. Obviously, we want more people talking about MEDDIC, because when the ecosystem grows, we all benefit. However, when people mention MEDDIC just to get LinkedIn engagement, it means the information is often incorrect, and not coming from a reliable source.

At MEDDICC, we know that not all MEDDIC is equal because we know what great looks like. We have seen first hand the difference that is made when people take their time to really dive into every aspect of MEDDIC (or MEDDPICC), and what happens when the entire organization treats it as a common language. 

It goes without saying that an organization integrating MEDDIC across their GTM team, across the full customer lifecycle, contrasts distinctly with someone who sometimes qualifies out from deals because they don’t have a Champion (or at least they think they don’t…). 

An awareness that not all MEDDIC is equal matters because it helps people evaluate where they should get their information from. It also opens people’s eyes, and asks them: do you know MEDDIC as well as you think you do?

But, alright, someone’s posting on LinkedIn claiming to know MEDDIC, but they really don’t have a clue. What harm are they doing? 

When people don’t properly know MEDDIC, but claim to or believe they do, it can cause a ripple effect. Not only will they not see the actual value of MEDDIC, but neither will anyone they tell about it! If someone with an incorrect understanding of MEDDIC teaches it to someone else, that person won’t see the benefits from the framework that they could. 

A result of this that we’ve seen is people disavowing MEDDIC, calling it out-dated, or unsuitable for the modern landscape. This could not be further from the truth, but it is a clear demonstration of what a misunderstanding of MEDDIC can do. 

If someone claims to know MEDDIC, but doesn’t, they drag the whole MEDDIC ecosystem down. They disparage it in front of people who could truly gain something from it, and they delay the progress that other people advocating for MEDDIC have made. 

A clear understanding and thorough application of MEDDIC can take individuals and entire organizations to new heights, so it is essential that we recognize bad use of MEDDIC when we see it. Like weeds, we can eliminate them, and allow the garden of MEDDIC to flourish and elevate the entire ecosystem.





Robin Daly is Content Editor at MEDDICC, and is responsible for different long-form pieces as part of MEDDICC Media. She is based in Glasgow, where she frequently drinks too much coffee and tries to justify her stack of unread books she keeps adding to.

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