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No Champion, No Deal
Andy Whyte 4 min
Andy Whyte 06 September 2022

No Champion, No Deal


The first C in MEDDIC was always about the Champion. As you no doubt know, MEDDIC evolved to include a second C which most commonly stands for Competition. Most organizations now implement MEDDICC with two C’s.

But the first C is one of, if not the most important part of MEDDICC. As the legends over at SMG – Sales MEDDIC Group, Jack Napoli, and Steve Amman say:

“No Champion, no deal. Big Champion, Big deal!”

Jack and Steve at SMG

Put simply, if your Champion is missing, or you don’t have a Champion then you are unlikely to have a deal. Whereas, by contrast, if you have a ‘BIG’ Champion, meaning a well-qualified Champion, you're prepping for a 'BIG' deal. As a reminder, the all-important three qualifying criteria of a Champion are;
  1. Having Power and Influence

  2. Be Selling Internally for You

  3. Have a Vested Interest in Your Success

If you are wondering what qualifies a Champion, then check out our brief overview here.

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