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No Champion, No Deal
Andy Whyte 4 min
Andy Whyte 06 September 2022

No Champion, No Deal


Where would any of us be without Champions?

Since the creation of MEDDIC, the first C was always, always, always about the Champion. That is why we at MEDDICC love to say: May your Champions be strong, because we know how essential a strong Champion is to a deal's success.

As you no doubt know, MEDDIC has evolved throughout the years to include a second C, which most commonly stands for Competition - another important element to keep in mind when navigating through deals. As MEDDIC has spread, we have seen that most organizations now implement MEDDICC with two C’s.

But don't let that diminish the importance of that first C! The first C is one of, if not the most important part of MEDDICC. There's a lot of ways we could phrase it, but we'll just say it like this: as the legends over at SMG – Sales MEDDIC Group, Jack Napoli, and Steve Amman say:

“No Champion, no deal. Big Champion, Big deal!”

Jack and Steve at SMG

It sounds simple, but what exactly does it mean? Essentially, what these two gents are telling us is that if your Champion  is missing, or you don’t have a Champion, then you are unlikely to have a deal - no matter what you do. You're just lacking that crucial element. Whereas, by contrast, if you have a ‘BIG’ Champion, meaning a well-qualified Champion, you're prepping for a 'BIG' deal. Champions open doors and push your solution to the finish line. Without one in your corner, you're unlikely to succeed. If you're not sure whether you have a Champion, here's a reminder that the all-important three qualifying criteria of a Champion are;
  1. Power and Influence

  2. Selling Internally for You

  3. Having a Vested Interest in Your Success

If you would like more details on these crucial elements of what qualifies as a Champion, then check out our brief overview here.

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