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The Untapped Potential of MEDDPICC & How it Stays Ahead of the Curve
Caroline Franczia 4 min
Caroline Franczia 19 October 2023

The Untapped Potential of MEDDPICC & How it Stays Ahead of the Curve


Are the sales influencing the product, or is the product influencing sales? And where does marketing fit in all of this? This article by Caroline Franczia explores how MEDDPICC, commonly known as a sales framework, could be the linchpin for organizational synergy.

The Imperative of Sales Synergy

Can the sales team be at the heart of innovation? Can they be a proper source of inspiration to the Chief Product Officer? And how can they leverage the MEDDPICC framework to achieve it? Your marketing team is supposed to call out prospects' pains that your product can solve better than anybody else (USPs). Meanwhile, the product team juggles multiple challenges: be visionary while fixing bugs and prioritize clients' requests for enhancement. On paper, none of these departments share common traits. But what if MEDDPICC was not just a framework for sales excellence? What if MEDDPICC could influence a lot more within your company?

MEDDPICC has the potential to be more than just a framework; it can be the connective tissue that joins your goals, strategies, and stakeholders within the marketing, product, and revenue teams. The cohesion leads to a more effective organization top to bottom.


the Marketing Perspective: Decision Criteria and Pain Implication

To understand how MEDDPICC can support more than your sales organization, let's look together at the overall pain points of the Chief Product Officer and Product Marketing. At the marketing level, the team needs a clear understanding of how the product differentiates from the competition (USPs). But more is needed; the product must answer identified (and implicated) prospects' pains that financially impact their organization. This is where the Decision Criteria and Pain Implication elements of MEDDPICC come into play. These insights can be relayed internally to influence marketing messaging and create campaigns that resonate with the targeted audience.


The Product Perspective: Decision Criteria and Arbitrage

As mentioned earlier, the decision criteria in MEDDPICC should be the prospect's neutral validation of your company's collective Unique Selling Points (USPs). This information is key to winning deals and can also significantly impact your product roadmap. Your Product team must work on fixing bugs and answering enhancement requests. At scale, they may lose track of priorities; without formalization, you might hear “This client will not renew if we do not add this feature!” MEDDPICC can help you formalize these urgent needs and gather the data for arbitrage.


The Integration of MEDDPICC and Organizational Dynamics

The purpose of leveraging MEDDPICC across the organization is to forecast accurately, increase the average deal size, strengthen your conversion rates, and avoid falling into technical debt. Such debt would imply costs and delays in time to market, not to mention falling behind the competition. MEDDPICC serves as a fantastic tool to collect critical field information from all qualifications, including those from your customer success team, to flow between departments and remain ahead of the curve.


Q. How can I leverage the insights from a MEDDPICC discovery to influence my marketing campaigns?

A: By utilizing insights from MEDDPICC discovery, you can tailor your marketing messages to resonate with your target audience's pain points, thereby creating more impactful and effective campaigns.


Q. How can the product team use pain points from our prospects to create a visionary roadmap?

A: The product team can use identified pain points to prioritize features and enhancements, aligning the product roadmap with customer needs for a more visionary approach.


Q. How can my team use MEDDICC data for renewal planning and churn avoidance?

A: MEDDPICC data provides actionable insights into customer behavior and needs, enabling your team to strategize renewals and implement measures to minimize churn effectively.


Caroline Franczia

Caroline Franczia

Caroline is the founder of Uppercut First, a boutique consultancy that is shaking the ground in the tech scale-up world with a revenue architecture approach. Caroline has been introduced to MEDDIC in her years at BMC and works extensively on its cross-functional adoption at Sprinklr alongside Andy and Dick. A board advisor, speaker, and author of the awarded business book Popcorn for the New CEO vol I &II, she’s known for loving a good revenue Chinese puzzle while being straightforward in her approach.

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