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MEDDPICC as the Full Customer Lifecycle Framework: RevOps
Robin 4 min
Robin 14 March 2023

MEDDPICC as the Full Customer Lifecycle Framework: RevOps


How to embed MEDDPICC into your Customer Lifecycle: RevOps

If you’ve been paying attention all throughout this series (as we hope you have!) you will have spotted one theme cropping up again and again. Do you want to hazard a guess?


Say it with me now:
MEDDPICC as a Common Language!

Obviously, MEDDPICC needs to be adopted at an individual level across the entire GTM and post-sales teams to empower elite-level selling. But on top of that, MEDDPICC is  most effective when applied across the entire team. When different team members use MEDDPICC together, it allows for seamless communication within the team, and helps them understand gaps and how to overcome them as a team. This then leads to a Customer Lifecycle that easily moves from deal to deal. The culmination of all of this, then, lies with the Revenue Operations team.

Since RevOps involves the strategic integration of your company’s different departments to ensure visibility for the entire revenue team, MEDDPICC as a common language will be another force multiplier of your MEDDPICC initiative. When the entire team is using MEDDPICC to align with each other along each stage of the Customer Lifecycle, RevOps is better enabled to drive revenue and bring all of the departments together. RevOps can use MEDDPICC across all systems and processes; there is no need for them to learn new languages or dialects to apply to different scenarios.

Throughout the full customer lifecycle, RevOps can (and should!) utilise MEDDPICC in tandem with their Customer Relationship Management system to fully operationalise MEDDPICC. By integrating MEDDPICC into their systems, RevOps can take a 360 approach to it not only in the Selling stage, but before and after it as well. In the Closing and Implementing stages, for example, this 360 approach to MEDDPICC will help gather information about the deal that can be used to ensure its smooth transition through the Customer Lifecycle. This information can then be helpful for RevOps when it comes to forecasting future revenue, as they understand details about the deal at an operational level. When it comes to the Value and Growth and Retention stages, RevOps can work alongside Customer Success to use the necessary systems to track the delivery of value to the customer and follow through on that value.

MEDDPICC can serve as a cleanser for RevOps - it can wipe away subjectivity and leave them with the core data they need. They can cut straight to the facts to ensure the deal is being handled to the best of everyone’s abilities. They can ask:

  • Do we have a consensus on the Metrics? Does everyone across the GTM and post-sales team agree of the proven, measurable value your solution provides?
  • How are we doing when it comes to engaging with the Economic Buyer? Do we see success in identifying and engaging with the Economic Buyer in our deals?
  • How is the team doing when it comes to being pro-active about Decision Criteria? Are we making sure to influence the customer’s Decision Criteria, rather than just expecting the customer to come up with them? (Remember, you are a professional seller, but your customer is not a professional buyer. They likely will not have Decision Criteria!)
  • Do we typically have a clear understanding of the Decision Process? Are there any possible reasons for deal slippage here?
  • Do we have a clear understanding of the Paper Process? Could there be a risk for deal slippage here?
  • Are we identifying, indicating and implicating pain? Are we continually doing this throughout the sales cycle? Are we considering what that pain looks like for various stakeholders?
  • Do we have a true, qualified Champion? What is their typical vested interest?
  • Who are our Competition? Is there anything that could be competing for the same resources as us that we haven’t considered, even inertia?

It is RevOps’ responsibility to drive predictable revenue, and to do that there needs to be clear communication between them and the other departments of your company. By implementing MEDDPICC as a common language, RevOps can improve efficiency across the board and empower the entire team to achieve growth. 

And with that, our MEDDPICC X GTM series draws to a close. From AEs to RevOps, we hope that throughout this series you have gained an insight into how different members of the GTM and post-sales teams can implement MEDDPICC. Not only that, hopefully you will leave this series with an understanding of how important MEDDPICC can be as a common language. At MEDDICC, we live and breathe MEDDPICC, and now you can start to as well.

Until next time - 

May your Champions be strong!




Robin Daly is Content Editor at MEDDICC, and is responsible for different long-form pieces as part of MEDDICC Media. She is based in Glasgow, where she frequently drinks too much coffee and tries to justify her stack of unread books she keeps adding to.

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