Today on Masters of MEDDICC, I welcome Lucy Williams Jones to the show. Lucy has gained over 20 years of sales experience and is a regional director for Data Dock, spanning across 6 enterprise reps. In this episode, Lucy shares her strategy behind recruitment that incorporates a heavy influence from MEDDICC. We discuss desired traits in potential prospects and dissect what sets a good salesperson apart from a great one!

                        “…I know that I am engineered as a salesperson deep down.”

Masters of MEDDICC – Lucy Williams Jones


Regional Director at Datadog and 21x Presidents Club winner.


[00:08] Introduction to Lucy Williams Jones      

[02:09] Background on Lucy

[07:24] Criteria for working in a new company

[08:33] Misconceptions in Meddicc

[09:30] Leaving PTC

[12:28] The recruiting process 

[13:42] Three traits to look for 

[18:43] Learned behavior

[20:32] Being open vs being desperate

[25:21] Measuring success

[31:30] Covid diagnosis

[34:21] Personal connections and vested interests

[35:52] What have you learned going from individual contributor to leader?

[42:22] Underlying talent in addition to Meddicc

[45:05] What is the most important part of Meddicc

[54:54] Using your champion

[56:36] Overview of PRV process

Key Points:

  • Three traits to look for when recruiting potential sales people
    • Coachability
    • High EQ
    • Affinity for pipelines generation
  • Remain open and embrace the sales process. Don’t try to cut corners and have confidence in your ability
  • To become a great leader, one must put themselves in the salesperson shoes, set a scene early in the playbook, and be strong during the discovery stage
  • Those most elite salespersons are seen as consultants